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Performing Likeness

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

October 23 - December 19, 2015

An exhibition of works by James Quin, Alma Haser, Eleana Antonaki, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Jeremy Bailey and Letitia Huckaby. The exhibition explores new ways of portraiture, questioning "Is a likeness to the sitter enough anymore?"


Sandra Vásquez de la Horra

An exhibition of drawings by Sandra Vásquez de la Horra. Drawing on found paper dipped in wax, Horra’s works explore “identity, religion, sex and myth.”

Jonathan Schipper

New sculptures and a video by artist Jonathan Schipper, that, like a roller coaster, are pregnant with potential energy but need to be experienced to...

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Works by current TCU MFA students Amanda Arredondo, Mason Bryant, Courtney Hamilton, Alyssa Hawkins, Fernando Johnson, Layla Luna, and Max Morris–all responding to the idea...

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Javier Téllez

Téllez makes films in collaboration with psychiatric patients and people with disabilities. Combining elements of fiction and documentary, Téllez and his collaborators rewrite familiar stories...

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After Walker Evans

A group show at TCU’s satellite space and curated by Rachel Cook of Houston’s DiverseWorks, the work will explore the rapidly evolving interconnection between photographs...

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New Order: TCU MFA 2014

New work by TCU MFA candidates: Tara Cook, Ryan Goolsby, Jennifer Guest, Courtney Hamilton, Alyssa Hawkins, Fernando Johnson, Maxwell Morris, and Lucia Simek.  

Boudry/Lorenz: Normal Work

A film and photographs by the German artist team of Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz blend historical fact with a contemporary reenactment to challenge preconceptions...

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Under The Table

Hybrids between ceramics, photography, drawing, video and sculpture can seem dirty, frightening or dangerous to those who need the clear cut boundaries of media specificity....

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Where is the Power

A poetic collection of works that undermine expectations through subtle gestures. Curated by Terri Thornton of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

Color Pictures

Organized by Frances Colpitt, Color Pictures examines the rocky fusion of photography’s high technical and aesthetic standards and the intentionally amateur and nonchalant approach to...

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Michael Bise: Epilogues

Large-scale, meticulous drawings circle the hard truths of Bise’s youth growing up in a bible-belted, suburban sprawl of hypocrisy and identity crisis. Bise’s life-threatening heart...

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Sterling Allen: Housing Edition

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts features the exhibition Housing Edition, a large-scale sculpture installation conceived by Sterling Allen during his residency at ArtPace. Together with eight...

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M: Let

We eagerly anticipate what the artist currently known as "M" has in store for us in the upcoming exhibition at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts. Curator...

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Transmission features new work by TCU’s Masters of Fine Arts students in dialogue with work by their primary influences. The list of students and their...

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Liam Gillick: Short Films

Liam Gillick’s short films Faction, Erasmus in Kassel, Briannnnnn and Ferryyyyyy, Downtown Community Television plus more are featured in this new exhibition at TCU. Also...

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Everything Must Go

"Unable to physically enter the gallery space during the run of the exhibition, the viewer will experience a truncated view similar to a storefront window...

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Check out SUPER DYNAMIC ACTION GO!, which "envisions characters and objects with both fantastical and functional iconographies, painstakingly brought to life through machinist techniques," in...

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This two-person exhibition features the work of Icelandic sculptor Margrét H. Blöndal and Norwegian video artist Lars Laumann.

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