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Anna Elise Johnson: Second Sight

An exhibition featuring new oil paintings by artist Anna Elise Johnson. The images for the works in the show are sourced from photographs taken by the...

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Steven Charles: You and I are living now

An exhibition of new works by North Texas-based artist Steven Charles. The artist’s works “are electrifying multi-layered abstract compositions that obsessively shift in spatial depth and...

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Maysey Craddock: Ephemeral Field

An exhibition featuring paintings on found paper by artist Maysey Craddock. The pieces in the show explore concepts of impermanence, reclamation, and the inevitability of change.

Celia Eberle: Unintended Garden

An exhibition featuring works by Celia Eberle. The pieces in the show explore “man’s fateful relationship with nature.”

Kristen Cliburn: Color as Light as Air

An exhibition featuring paintings by Houston-based artist Kristen Cliburn. In this body of work, “Cliburn continues to explore color through subtle and minimal gradients, with particular...

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Ruben Nieto: Savoring Lichtenstein

Ruben Nieto’s abstract works draw on his childhood memories of watching cartoons and reading comic books. “Inspired by historical greats like Warhol, Motherwell, Still, Sultan,...

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David Fokos: Sea Stones

Sea Stones is an exhibition of photographs by San Diego-based artist David Fokos. The large-format prints in the show work to capture the feeling and emotion...

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Isabelle du Toit: Truce

An exhibition of oil paintings by artist Isabelle du Toit. The pieces in the show depict various animals and create juxtaposition between ideas of predator and...

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Charlotte Smith: Dreamscape

A show of works by Dallas-based artist Charlotte Smith. The pieces in the show are a culmination of the artist’s 20 years exploring process-driven abstraction.

William Cannings: Vetted

A show of small-scale steel sculptures by Lubbock artist William Cannings. The pieces in the exhibition take on a more personal narrative than Cannings’ past works —...

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Trey Egan: Future Glow

A show of large-scale oil paintings by artist Trey Egan. “Egan’s abstract compositions are known primarily for their method of creation, in which Egan translates the...

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A group show featuring works by Marc Dennis, Adrian Esparza, Sherry Owens, and Robert Sagerman.

Kelli Vance: Sappers and Miners

An exhibition of large-scale oil paintings by Kelli Vance. The photorealistic works in the show explore “psychologically thrilling themes from voyeurism to assumed identity. Her work...

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Simeen Farhat: Blood Shot is Blood Loved

Artist Simeen Farhat often uses cast resin and acrylic to create sculptures that play with form and shadow. For the pieces in this exhibition, “Farhat re-creates the moment...

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Patti Oleon: Neither Here Nor There

Patti Oleon creates oil paintings that take imagery from her own photographs of public spaces. By layering multiple images of the same location, Oleon creates environments that become...

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Murielle White: Mutation

An exhibition of new paintings by Murielle White. The works in the show are inspired by the artist’s family history as well as her recent personal experiences.

Anna Elise Johnson: Inner Workings

A show of works by Los Angeles-based artist Anna Elise Johnson. “Johnson’s three-dimensional collages utilize photographs of political, economic, and diplomatic meetings to create small-scale, mise-en-scéne...

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Paul Manes: Harem

An exhibition of works by artist Paul Manes. The artist on their new work: “Some of my recent paintings involve a screen or net, which implies a...

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Patrick Turk: All of This From Nothing

An exhibition of new works by Houston-based artist Patrick Turk. For this show, Turk has created ten five-sided collaged assemblages that play with the pictorial representation of...

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Adela Andea: Rappel

An exhibition of light and installation works by Romanian-born artist Adela Andea. The works in the show are inspired by the artist’s recent residency in France and visit...

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The ArtSmarter Prize

The long-awaited ArtSmarter prize is here! The event features a silent auction of works by 18 Texas-based artists. At the end of the night, Frank ArtSmarter and...

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Massey Craddock: Lost Bay

An exhibition by Memphis-based artist Massey Craddock. Lost Bay explores themes of nostalgia through nature inspired imagery originating from the Alabama coastlands of Perdido Bay.

Timothy Harding: Skin

An exhibition of geometric paintings by Timothy Harding. The works in the show poke fun at their classification as “paintings” by having sculptural qualities.

Rusty Scruby: Firesticks

An exhibition of new works inspired by the artist’s recent move to a new studio and the death of a close friend. The work in...

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Celia Eberle: The Mythology of Love

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Celia Eberle. The artist describes her practice as “inexorable” and “inevitable,” creating charged objects that are steeped in darker meaning...

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Harry Geffert: First Light

An exhibition of works drawn from Geffert’s interest in representing the natural world.

Robert Lansden: Metamorphosis

An exhibition of works on paper by artist Robert Lansden. His intricately patterned works are based on algorithms and “are explorations into the unknown.”

Just the Two of Us

A two-person exhibition featuring new work by Shannon Cannings & William Cannings. Shannon Cannings’ paintings express a decadent sense of nostalgia and hint at childhood violence, while William...

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