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1415 Slocum St, Suite 104

Dallas, TX 75207

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Paul Manes: Partly Truth and Partly Fiction

Paul Manes’ inspirations come mostly from the past—Delacroix, Gerome, Velasquez, Goya and more recently in the work of Kiefer. He has never been one to […]

Kelli Vance: Myth Maker

Worley’s first solo exhibition with Vance. She paints women in ambiguous situations.  

Adela Andea: Zero Degrees Celsius

Romanian-born Andea is known for her light installations. This exhibition came from Andea’s recent trip to Alaska.  

Harry Geffert: Studio Dreams

Studio Dreams examines Geffert’s obsession with the natural world through replications of delicate details in bronze. Some pieces are tree formations on pedestals while others […]

Charlotte Smith: Fall

Cris Worley Fine Arts presents new abstract paintings by Charlotte Smith. Smith’s process begins by layering drops of paint on canvas. Her layers build up […]

Rusty Scruby: He Sells Seashells

Cris Worley Fine Arts presents He Sells Seashells, a solo exhibition of recent work by Rusty Scruby. He Sells Seashells will feature several of Scruby’s […]

Edward Setina: Concentrations

Performance-based videos, sculptures, and video stills. Featuring an astronaut-like character under some form of physical stress.

Paul Booker: Meander

Booker’s transparent plastic-and-pin sculptures as well as his layered polyurethane, ink, and enamel paintings construct curving rectangles, cloudforms, or arrows that swarm in various winding […]

Trey Egan: Be Still With Me

Trey Egan’s first solo exhibition with Cris Worley Fine Arts is also his MFA Thesis exhibition with UNT’s College of Visual Art and Design.

David Fokos: Gradations

Photographs of land and seascapes that evoke tranquility and emanate light (not literally).

Howard Sherman: List of Demands

The Grand Opening of Cris Worley’s new exhibition space at 1415 Slocum Street, Suite 104. Sherman is known for his large-scale acrylic and marker canvases […]

Suddenly this Summer

A group exhibition of gallery artists Ruben Nieto, Charlotte Smith, Isabelle du Toit, William Cannings, Rusty Scruby, Adela Andea and Paul Booker.

Maysey Craddock: Hinterland

Paintings of leafless trees, dilapidated buildings, and fences in the middle of nowhere on found paper bags.

Paul Manes: Recent Paintings

Born in Austin in 1948, painter Paul Manes currently lives and works in New York. His subject matter varies from swampy landscapes, inspired by living […]

Studio Visit 1-1

Guest and gallery artists whose work features intricately laid handiwork: Trey Egan, Anne Allen, Howard Sherman, Paul Booker, and Blayre Stiller.  Allen’s drawings are based […]

Harry Geffert: Tribute

New all-natural work from Texas’s leading bronze sculptor, Harry Geffert. Delicate, wall-mounted bronze castings of Texas plant life form imaginary landscapes.

Push: New Paintings by Charlotte Smith

Opens Saturday, September 10, 5:30–8:30 pm Smith’s first solo show with Cris Worley Fine Arts pushes the boundaries of her acclaimed, painstaking drip and drop […]

SHAZAM! New Paintings by Ruben Nieto

“Comic abstractions” digitally assembled from  fragments from various iconic comic books and pop culture images. It’s Nieto’s first solo exhibition with Cris Worley Fine Arts. […]

Dioscuri: A group show of gallery artists

Dioscuri: A group show of Worley’s gallery artists including Adela Andea, Harry Geffert, Ruben Nieto, Paul Manes, Rusty Scruby, Howard Sherman, Charlotte Smith; and introducing […]

Adela Andea: E=hv

Check out the whizzes, bleeps, and blurps of Adela Andea’s techno-art at Chris Worley FIne Art. Titled, E=hv, the show promises to be an absolute […]

On a Wire

Cris Worley Fine Arts presents On a Wire, a group show of artists including Adela Andea, William Cannings, Maysey Craddock, Harry Geffert, Paul Manes, Rusty […]