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Maria Molteni: NCAA Presents... Sidelines: Soft Power in the Margins

Conduit Gallery

February 18 - March 25, 2017

A show of works by members of the NCAA (New Craft Artists in Action). Founded by artist Maria Molteni, the NCAA is an international artist collective that works "to integrate the skills, materials, and histories of many intersecting disciplines: athletics, craft, public space, aesthetics, labor, recreation, and feminism."

Barsamian: Bizarro

Conduit Gallery

February 18 - March 25, 2017

A show of works by Dallas artist Barsamian. The pieces in the exhibition refer to historical events and their contemporary relevence, commenting on immigration and cultural heritage.

Fahamu Pecou: The People Could Fly

Conduit Gallery

February 18 - March 25, 2017

A show of large-scale drawings and an installation by Atlanta-based artist Fahamu Pecou. "Pecou uses the art of “shoefiti” (the act of throwing a pair of shoes onto telephone wires, powerlines, or other raised wires) as an allegory for overcoming and escaping one’s limitations - both those assumed and implied."


Annabel Daou: America

A special one-day showing of Annabel Daou’s monumental work America. The large-scale drawing is comprised of words culled from various sources, including Thomas Jefferson, Simone de Beauvoir, Bob Dylan, and...

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Steven J. Miller: Sweet & Sorrow

An exhibition of paintings by Denton-based artist Steven J. Miller. Drawing on known objects and places, Miller creates landscape paintings that merge the familiar and the unfamiliar...

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Susan kae Grant: convergence

An exhibition of new photographs by Susan kae Grant. The works in the show are a continuation of Grant’s series Night Journey and are comprised of triptychs that...

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Jeff Gibbons: Clown Ambulance

“Earthen materials such as clay and found objects are divorced of their practical usage and become part of a resonant feedback loop as Gibbons reaches...

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Heyd Fontenot: Kult Klassic

A show of works by Dallas artist Heyd Fontenot. Along with his figurative drawings, this exhibition will feature an installation and new film by Fontenot that explores...

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Ludwig Schwarz: Desktop

An exhibition of works by Ludwig Schwarz. The show will include Schwarz’s paintings along with an installation.

Sandra Ono: Everything and Nothing

An exhibition of works by current Centraltrak resident Sandra Ono. The pieces in the show are inspired by biology and psychology and appear to exist in...

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Marcelyn McNeil: Love & Theft

An exhibition of works by Houston-based artist Marcelyn McNeil. The works in the show are paintings that have been created are based on the artist’s relationships, and...

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Carrie Marill: Sculptural Paintings

An exhibition of works by Carrie Marill. The pieces in the show are three-dimensional wall hangings that are inspired by Jean Arp’s wooden wall hangings.

Paper Weight

An exhibition featuring works on paper by Christine Adame, Lindsey Brown, Mason Bryant, Ashley Cooper, Josh Dryk, Spencer Evans, Cor Fahringer, Diamond Gray, Billi London-Gray, and Madison Samas.

Kendall Glover: Untitled Works

An exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based artist Kendall Glover. In her work, Glover “is interested in extracting and distorting gestures or forms that she finds intrinsically powerful, aiming...

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Susie Phillips: To There & Back

An exhibition of cut paper works by Susie Phillips. The artist is inspired by quilting traditions and is attempting to create works that respond to what...

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Jennie Ottinger: Spoilers

An exhibition of works by San Francisco-based artist Jennie Ottinger. The works in the show are inspired by literature and aim to show the prevalence of...

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Rosalyn Bodycomb: Trance

An exhibition of three monumental paintings created by the artist through a 2007 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Grant. The show also includes Bodycomb’s Insomniac painting series in which the...

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Juan Fontanive: Reflected Yeses

An exhibition of works by Texas and New York-based sculptor Juan Fontanive. The works in the show are flip book machines that cycle through 72 double-sided...

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Tsibi Geva: The Gestural Brush

An exhibition of gestural paintings by Tsibi Geva. The artist on their work: “Different levels of interpretation—the subjective/psychological, the political, and the aesthetic—coexist. I believe these three registers supplement...

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Catherine Howe: Ebb and Flow

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Catherine Howe. The artist is inspired by the decorative and ornate qualities in Dutch Baroque painting, and...

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Liss LaFleur: TIPS

An exhibition of 667 acrylic laser cut fingernails. The nails are inspired by Mina Loy’s 1914 text “Aphorisms on Futurism” and “are used as a...

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Austin Eddy: The Gloaming

An exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based artist Austin Eddy. “Eddy’s deceptively simple compositions display an array of playful shapes in a vernacular of imagery reminiscent of fingers,...

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Annette Lawrence: Standard Time

An exhibition of works by Denton-based artist Annette Lawrence. The drawings and installation in the show are sourced from the recent digitation of the artist’s journals.

Roberto Munguia: eternityest one.

An exhibition of works on paper “that showcase the artist’s ongoing investigations with wax, ink and paint.” Through this use of materials, Munguia has developed a unique...

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W. Tucker: box, boxing, boxed

An exhibition of drawings by Austin-based artist W. Tucker. HIs works reference both materials and an invented cast of characters, forming individual narratives. The show...

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Lily Hanson: The Once Over Twice

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Lily Hanson. Hanson will create a site-specific installation that will serve as a framework for her small abstract sculptures.

Ted Larsen: Still Life

An exhibition of new sculptural works by Santa Fe based artist Ted Larsen. The works “are intended to begin a dialogue concerning: pattern recognition, formal aesthetic issues...

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Anthony Sonnenberg: Fat Equals Flavor

An exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Anthony Sonnenberg. Reminiscent of Baroque and Rococo designs, the pieces are comprised of thick glazes that revel the “darker side...

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Robert Barsamian: New Works

An exhibition of small scale paintings that are allegorical representations of the artist’s reactions to recent political conflict.

Matt Clark and Jackson Echols: Mimesis

An exhibition featuring a series of large-scale collaborative works combining Matt Clark’s abstract painting methods with Jackson Echols’ experimental photographic processes.

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