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Billy Hassell: Illumination

Conduit Gallery

April 5 - May 10, 2014

What begin as careful observations of birds, insects, plants and flowers become stylized figures on patterned grounds influenced by a wide range of decorative traditions.


Lance Letscher: Pregunta numero uno

Conduit Gallery announces an exhibition of new works by Lance Letscher. The exhibition, unlike any previous at the gallery, will span all 3 exhibition spaces and […]

Fahamu Pecou: How to Eat Your Watermelon...

Fahamu Pecou overlays social commentary and hip hop culture onto the world of contemporary art with paintings and drawings that depict Pecou on fictionalized magazine […]

Matt Clark: Marriage

The paintings in Matt Clark’s Marriage bring together unrelated aspects of the artist’s life that influence a kind production that is physical, romantic and academically […]

James Sullivan, W. Tucker: Chuck and George

James Sullivan’s exhibition features large-scale figures molded from straw and plaster, cast iron sculptures and What Remains- an ongoing sculptural project. Austin based artist W. […]

Jason Flowers: Critique Machine

Wires, switches and electronic automations culminate to an array of small speakers that will fill Conduit Gallery’s Project Room with a cacophony of unintelligible sound […]

Roberto Munguia: TepeQuetzalandia

“The plumed mountain” or “volcano” is the metaphorical inspiration for paintings in oil and encaustic, monotype and ink jet prints and porcelain sculpture.

Rosalyn Bodycomb: Cassandra

Bodycomb’s figurative paintings capture modern-day Greece and, in many ways, a universal humanity, with an undertow of sadness.

K.C. Collins

Collins employs a mix of landscape, interiors and still life filled with found objects, skewed perspectives, textures, and hand made items that are strategically organized […]

Jennie Ottinger: Doubles Trouble

A stop-motion animation that tells the story of a Wheelchair Wimbledon Doubles Tennis team that goes to dramatic lengths to ensure their team a first […]

Mimi Kato: One Ordinary Day of an Ordinary Town

A contemporary photographic interpretation of traditional Japanese genre paintings and the Kyogen and Butoh style of movement and theater. In addition to playing each of […]

Kris Pierce: Final Boss of the Internet

By re-defining spatial relationships through the viewers’ physical reaction to hypnotic repetition, Final Boss of the Internet re-contextualizes the language of our new digital environment. […]

Jill Storthz

Block prints all from single block of Japanese basswood.

Gabriel Dawe: Blinding Pain

Installation work using thread, textiles, straight pins and clothing, subversive of notions of masculinity and machismo that are so ingrained in Dawe’s Mexican heritage.

Rex Ray: Orange Sunshine

San Francisco’s Rex Ray’s art can be found in museums and galleries as well as rock clubs and on Swatch watches.

Stephen Knapp

In conjunction with Master Glass 2012, Massachusetts based sculptor Stephen Knapp will install one of his signature Light Paintings in the Conduit Gallery Project Room.

Heyd Fontenot: Homosexuals are Ruining My Life

Trademark figurative portraits in a fabricated environment that pays homage to his love of decorative design while commenting on attempts at “nesting” and status lifestyles.

Catherine Colangelo: Sea Change

Colangelo has created a series of painted imaginary boats,  each representing a friend from her childhood. Inspired by the story of Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old who […]

C. Meng: Occupiers

Meng’s superb draftsmanship conveys the many and varied inhabitants of the Occupy Boston camp in 2011.