Civic TV Laboratories

Civic TV Laboratories

2108 Freeman St

Houston, Texas 77009


Tex Kerschen: Swine

Civic TV Laboratories

January 20 - February 28, 2018

Swine is an exhibition by artist, musician, writer, and curator Tex Kerschen. The artist on their process: "around my house, the mail piles up on every surface. Liquefied trash whooshes out the pipes and into the estuaries. At least some of the printed garbage can be ripped-up and put to better use. These works aren’t monuments, or portraits, or symbols, or statements. They are flowers."


Daniel Hipolito: Developments

Daniel Hipolito’s Developments series is an ongoing Instagram-native photography project exploring the elements and themes of urban development and surveillance through the lens of outdated and...

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Sandy Ewen: Photograms

A show of photograms by Houston artist Sandy Ewen. The works are created using slide projectors, multiple exposures, plants, feathers, lenses, water, & melted plastics.

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