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Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

October 2 - November 9, 2014

Dealing with technology, communication, and patience, Houston-based artist Tommy Gregory's exhibition features sculptural, photographic and installation-based works, with a performance kicking off the exhibition at the opening reception.

Jennifer Ling Datchuk: Dark and Lovely

Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

September 4 - November 9, 2014

Datchuk uses porcelain and crafty materials "associated with women's work" to focus on the emotive power of domestic objects.


Steve Brudniak: Noumenon, and Other New Works

Blue Star Contemporary Art Center unleashes Steve Brudniak’s exhibition Noumenon, and Other New Work. The assemblages of found objects look a lot like machines or […]

Amalgamations 25: 28 Artists For 25 Great Years

Kickoff Contemporary Art Month in San Antonio with Blue Star and celebrate their 25th anniversary! Amalgamations 25 is curated by Houston based gallerist and artist Wayne Gilbert who […]

The Familiar Unknown

The Familiar Unknown, curated by Ovidio Giberga, (and featuring Susan Beiner, Rebekah Bogard, Rebecca Hutchinson, and Anne Drew Potter) is Blue Star’s first curated exhibit […]

Lonely Are the Brave

"Lonely Are the Brave takes its title from the 1962 movie, which was based on Edward Abbey’s novel The Brave Cowboy. The exhibition features four […]

Danville Chadbourne: RETROSPECTIVE 1, ARTIST

Check out thirty large-scale paintings and sculptures by San Antonio artist Danville Chadbourne. Don't miss the other galleries, which are featuring work by Anne Ferrer, […]

Rex Hausmann: Revisitation

"Constructed for Blue Star, Revisitation is currently Rex Hausmann‘s largest and most ambitious work-to-date. A wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-ceiling riot of thought and colour inspired by The […]

Anne Ferrer: Country Wave

Parisian artist and temporary San Antonio resident Anne Ferrer, who exhibited at Cactus Bra last November, has transformed the middle gallery into a "country furnished […]

McKay Otto: ever self ever

Wimberley/Houston-based artist McKay Otto‘s translucent paintings need to viewed in person, in both light and darkness, to be truly appreciated.

Jon Lee: JL050209

Check out minimal works by printmaker and Trinity University Asst. Prof., Jon Lee.

New Art in Austin: 20 to Watch

If you didn’t see the show in Austin, here’s your chance to check it out! Blue Star plays host to the Austin Museum of Art’s […]

Leslie Raymond: LANDSCAPES

Blue Star offers up not only Leslie Raymond’s work (shown), but also IRAN: Patrick Zeller Returns From His 2006 Motorcycle Journey and Counter – Photography […]

Blue Star 23: Playing with Time

For Contemporary Art Month, a big old group show put together by SAMA contemporary curator David Rubin, and featuring many of the San Antonio cadre, […]

Arte Latina: ROAR

Showcasing San Antonio Latina artists, UTSA curator Arturo Almeida has put together work by fourteen artists and six writers.

Goin' Mobile

Goin’ Mobile, the traveling exhibit curated by Unit B Director Kimberly Aubuchon, includes work by Adam Blumberg, Min-Tse Chen, Mark Hogensen, Michele Monseau, Tao Rey, […]

Selections from the Texas Biennial 2007

If you missed out on the event earlier this year, check out these nine great Texas artists: Frances Bagley, Roberto Bellini, Corey Escoto, Virginia Fleck, […]


Curated by Lilly Wei and includes Isidro Blasco, Gwenn Thomas, Vivien Bittencourt Katz, Vincent Katz, Sebastien Bremer and Oliver Herring.


Organized by the Houston Center for Photography, including artists from Mexico City: Victor Mendiola, Adrian Aguirre, Dante Busquets, Enrique Greenwell, Omar Gamez and Benjamin Alcantara.