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Three Houses by Havel Ruck Projects

Art League Houston

September 19 - November 1, 2014

Havel and Ruck assemble sixty architectural fragments from condemned houses into a large form, or sculptural action, in the center of the gallery.

Jo Ann Fleischhauer: Sexual Selection

Art League Houston

June 20 - November 1, 2014

Over one hundred brightly colored parasols hung throughout the trees symbolize the evolutionary process of the Birds-of-Paradise in this site-specific outdoor installation by Houston-based Fleischhauer.


Flying Solo Panel Discussion

Panelists Pat Jasper, Director of Folklife & Traditional Arts, Houston Arts Alliance; Paul Middendorf, Director, Gallery Sonja Roesch & Executive Director, GalleryHOMELAND ; Kari Steele: […]

STACKS: Party Panel

A panel discussion in an unconventional format: the Artists of STACKS will host a party in the main exhibition space complete with drinks, music and […]

Autumn Knight: Eviline: Upcycle Queen

The last week of the STACKS Laboratory Residency is a performance asking, “Can one afford to completely discard discomforting objects, people, ideas as a strategy? […]

Nathaniel Donnett: ZZzzzzzz

Black imagination, creativity, and commodification are examined through recorded dreams of four volunteers who slept in the gallery, surrounded by shredded cultural objects. Part of […]

Phillip Pyle II: Black Friday

The first week of the STACKS Laboratory Residency by artist Phillip Pyle II. Using the shredded remains from the STACKS performance as source material Phillip […]


A series of five one-week laboratory residencies curated by artist Robert Pruitt, addressing themes of Black imagination, creativity, and commodification. Featuring Jamal Cyrus, Nathaniel Donnett, […]

Flying Solo

Seven emerging and un-represented artists organized by ALH’s Visual Arts Director Jennie Ash, featuring Daniel Anguilu, Chuy Benitez, Lovie Olivia, Fernando Ramirez, Emily Sloan, Patrick […]

Adela Andea: Primordial Garden

An outdoor light installation transforms the ALH sculpture garden into a sprawling bio-electronic environment.

Aaron Parazette: Flyaway

The Art League Houston’s 2012 Texas Artist of the Year exhibition features a selection of new paintings from Parazette’s “Color Key” series and a wall […]

Jeff Schmuki: genAIRator

A plant-growth machine system which provides an imaginative alternative to sustainable living by functioning as a unique source of fresh produce for local food truck […]

Lisa Marie Hunter: Camouflage

Ink drawings, small sculptures, and wall painting which explore themes of personal mysticism and psychology transform the hallway into a mysterious and lush landscape.

Larry Bob Phillips: Salon Style

New paintings by a New Mexico-based artist explore painting with a collection of large surreal wall-size black and white paintings that hang at angles that […]

Sasha Dela: The Emotional Life of a Spy

A mysterious and thrilling behind-the-scenes type landscape filled with noir ambiance that echoes the acclaimed 1935 Alfred Hitchcock spy thriller, The 39 Steps by Houston-based […]

Dave Salinas: West Texas

Houston-based Mexican-American artist Dave Salinas portrays the West Texas landscape through a uniquely prismatic lens.

Roberta Stokes: Tie-Breaker

Playful textile works made from recycled neckties by Roberta Stokes, one of the founders of modern dance in Houston. Now age 73, Stokes embarked on […]

Rigoberto A. Gonzalez: Baroque on the Border

Paintings by Mexican-American artist Rigoberto A. Gonzalez depict the violent confrontations between drug cartels, Mexican federal troops and people involved in undocumented immigration in the […]

Hillerbrand + Magsamen: eState Sale

Video-performance duo Hillerbrand + Magsamen, fill Art League Houston with junk and projected video about emotions, family, consumerism and media: eState Sale, their new piece, […]


A tightly-packed salon-style show of over 400 submitted artworks by Art League Houston members. 39 pieces by 30 finalists are hung in the main gallery, […]

Mary McCleary: A Survey 1996-2011

Art League Houston’s 2011 Texas Artist of the Year exhibition featuring psycho-collagist and native Houstonian Mary McCleary.

Emily Sloan: ShadeCloud

Houston artist and naptist Emily Sloan weaves together a diverse selection of new and recycled lampshades into four cloud-like structures in the Art League sculpture […]

Catherine Colangelo: Fleet for Abby

A fairytale fleet of sixteen gouache sail boat paintings on Japanese paper inspired by 16-year-old Abby Sunderland’s attempt to sail solo around the world in […]

R.W. Northcutt: Indigenous Genius

Indigenous Genius, a fact-stretching installation by radical woodworker Rodd Northcutt,  presents artifacts from Northcutt’s collection that chronicle the obscure yet poetic life of three wood-working […]