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Rodrigo Valenzuela: The Unwaged

The Unwaged is an exhibition featuring a video work by the same name created by Los Angeles-based artist Rodrigo Valenzuela. The piece addresses “unpaid labor, volunteering,...

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Cobra McVey: Makeover Kingdom

Makeover Kingdom is an exhibition by Houston based artist Cobra McVey. The show “features found object assemblages representing the King, Queen, progeny and members of...

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Britt Thomas: Just Relax

An exhibition featuring works by Houston-based photographer Britt Thomas. The show “features a selection of audio, video, and photographic components that explores issues related to infertility.”

Sherman Finch: Perceptual Perpetual

An exhibition featuring new works by Houston artist Sherman Finch. The show includes sonic sculptures, wall assemblages, and a mechanized drawing performance; the pieces rely on audience...

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Hazel Meyer: Muscle Panic objects

Muscle Panic objects is a site-specific installation by Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist Hazel Meyer. The exhibition is part of the artist’s ongoing, multifaceted project Muscle Panic, which explores...

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2017 Art League Student Exhibition

The 2017 ALH Student Exhibition is a group exhibition featuring works in jewelry, drawing, mixed-media, ceramics, print-making and painting by students who participated in classes at...

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2017 Art League Instructor Exhibition

A group exhibition featuring works by artists teaching at Art League Houston. Participating artists: Lucinda Cobley, Ruben Coy, Garland Fielder, ​Clara Hoag, ​Melinda Laszczynski, Polly Liu,...

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Benjamin Terry: Thingness

A show of works by Dallas-based artist and curator Benjamin Terry. “The exhibition features a dynamic installation of wall and floor-based paintings and sculptural works that...

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Edward Kelley: Speak of the Devil

A show of works by Iowa-based artist Edward Kelley. “The exhibition features an interactive installation of over 250 surveillance cameras installed throughout the gallery, playfully addressing...

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How Do I Say Her Name?

A group exhibition organized by Ann Johnson and featuring works by Regina Agu, Rabéa Ballin, Ann Johnson, Lauren Kelley, Autumn Knight, Rosine Kouman, Lovie Olivia, Kaneem Smith,...

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J. Pouwels: Dysfunctional Systems

An exhibition by New Zealand-born and California-based artist J. Pouwels. The works in the show explore the mismanagement of water resources in Chico, California.

Lyle Carbajal: Romancing Banality

A show of works by nomadic artist Lyle Carbajal. “The exhibition features a mash-up of anti-artistry, folk, and contemporary themes, which pull from art history, cultural,...

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Iva Kinnaird: Art Show!

A show of small-scale paintings and sculptures by Houston artist Iva Kinnaird. The pieces in the show use humor and autobiographical elements in an attempt to...

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Ayanna Jolivet McCloud: Score: Field Work

A site-specific installation by Houston artist Ayanna Jolivet McCloud. “Incorporating elements of sound, performance, writing and installation, the exhibition includes work by the artist, together with...

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Erin Stafford: Wanderlust

A show of works by Dallas artist Erin Stafford. “The exhibition features an installation of five identical View-Master stereoscopes, each revealing a uniquely layered three-dimensional photograph that...

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Jennifer Ling Datchuk: Blackwork

An exhibition of works by San Antonio artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk. “Drawing on sources from both cultures, the work in this exhibition explores the tensions between...

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Terrell James: HOVER

A survey of paintings, sculptures, and prints by 2016 ALH Texas Artist of the Year Terrell James.

Artist in Action: Jesse Lott

A show of works by 2016 ALH Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts winner Jesse Lott. The show will consist “of over thirty works in sculpture,...

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Michael McFadden: aesthetic][equity

An exhibition using Art League Houston’s hallway gallery “as a site of reflection, focusing on the turbulent history of socio-economic inequity found within the Houston arts...

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2016 Art League Student Exhibition

A group exhibition featuring works in jewelry, sculpture, drawing, mixed-media, ceramics, print-making and painting by students who participated in classes through the Art League School...

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