Ten Texas Artworks About Love

We recommend in West Texas :

West Texas



Thursday,  2.22.18

Sunday,  7.1.18

Sunday,  9.2.18

Friday,  11.23.18

Sunday,  12.30.18

Ethics Excess Extinction

January 26 through March 13, 2018
Ethics Excess Extinction explores the crucial theme of endangered animal species and humanity’s connections and responsibilities to these animals.
El Paso |  El Paso Museum of Art

Tierra. Sangre. Oro.

August 25, 2017 through March 18, 2018
Tierra. Sangre. Oro. is an exhibition envisioned by artist Rafa Esparza. The program will include new installation, performance, and sculptural work from Esparza alongside collaborations and contributions from artists Carmen Argote, Nao Bustamante, Beatriz Cortez, Timo Fahler, Eamon Ore-Giron, and Star Montana.
Marfa |  Ballroom Marfa

UTEP Faculty Art Exhibition

February 1 through April 6, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by UTEP faculty members.Artists include:Kim Bauer • Therese Bauer • Tom Birkner • Vincent Burke • Angel Cabrales • Antonio Castro H. • Derek Caulfield • Clive Cochran • John Dunn • Christine Foerster • Nicholas Gialanella • Anne M. Giangiulio • Nabil Gonzalez • David Griffin • Manuel Guerra • Anna Jaquez • Heather Kaplan • Alexandra McGovern • Davinia Miraval • Jacob Muñoz • Irene A. O’Leary • SV Randall • Hector Romero • Daniel Szwaczkowski • Jessica Tolbert

Patrick Earl Hammie: Birth Throes

October 6, 2017 through September 22, 2018
A show of figurative paintings by artist Patrick Earl Hammie. "Birth Throes, a collection of portraits and allegories, meditates on the relationships between the artist and his mother, mortality, and the capacity for black experience to disrupt, diversify, and enrich American culture."
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