It’s a Good Weekend to See Art in Texas

We recommend in West Texas :

West Texas



Thursday,  5.31.18


Transborder Biennial 2018 / Bienal Transfronteriza 2018

Thursday,  5.31.18   |   5:30–8 pm
This exhibition is the fifth such collaboration between EPMA and the Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez (MACJ). The show features 32 artists or collectives living along the U.S.-Mexico boundary whose work addresses border conditions. Artwork by each artist or collective is exhibited at both museums simultaneously, and thus visiting the entire exhibition requires crossing the border.
El Paso  |  El Paso Museum of Art

Saturday,  6.2.18


Salidas y Entradas | Exits and Entrances

Saturday,  6.2.18   |   12–2 pm
"In the work of artists Jessica Hankey and Erin Johnson, theatricality is a means of enlarging the self and creating new realities. In their multi-channel video installation Salidas y Entradas | Exits and Entrances, participants from three of El Paso’s senior centers explore the boundaries between rehearsal, improvisation, performance, and critique - traversing the spectrum from the permissible and everyday to the extraordinary or false. With the senior center – a site of social contact, care and collectivity – as a stage, the performers take up and play with social, political and geographical imaginaries."

Sunday,  7.1.18

Sunday,  9.2.18

Friday,  11.23.18

Sunday,  12.30.18

Alpha Flight IV

April 14 through May 28, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by Sam Anderson, Jeronimo Elespe, and Tamar Halpern.
Marfa |  PURE JOY Marfa

Labour in a Single Shot

May 14 through June 8, 2018
"The conceptual framework of the project utilizes a simple constraint: each participant will produce a video from 1 to 2 minutes in length, each taken in a single shot. The camera can be static, panning or travelling – cuts are not allowed. The task as set leads straight to basic questions of cinematographic form and raises essential questions about the filmmaking process itself."The collection of work in this exhibit was produced by students from the Departamento de Arte, IADA, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez under the supervision of artist León De la Rosa Carrillo in collaboration with 2018 BAR Artist Cathy Lee Crane. 

The Lightest Gesture

April 13 through June 17, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by Wilma Fiori, Adam Fowler, Matthew Larson, Edda Renouf, and Joshua Ware. "The Lightest Gesture presents five artists working in distinctly different media whose common voice is revealed in the unknown space between the physical and the psychological. Through material, process and repetition, each artist has developed a private language uniquely personal to their practice. For each, the interaction between material and the creative process produces an emotional dynamic similar to the complex relationships we form throughout our lives."

Nancy Macko: The Fragile Bee

April 7 through July 8, 2018
An exhibition featuring photographs, prints, and a mixed-media installation by artist Nancy Macko. The pieces in the show are meant to inform the public about the plight of bees and raise awareness about humanity's interdependent relationship with them.

2018 Student Art Exhibition

May 4 through August 10, 2018
An exhibition featuring works of art and design created by undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Art during the 2017 – 2018 academic year. All media taught in the department is represented, including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, metals and graphic design.


April 13 through September 15, 2018
"Hyperobjects is a group exhibition co-organized by philosopher and Rice University professor Timothy Morton and Ballroom Marfa Director & Curator Laura Copelin, engaging ideas from Morton's theory to confront the overwhelming scale of today's ecological crisis. The exhibition features installations from the Center for Land Use Interpretation, Megan May Daalder, Tara Donovan, Nance Klehm, Postcommodity, Emilija Skarnulyte, and Sissel Marie Tonn, as well as objects and loans from David Brooks, the Center for Big Bend Studies, Rafa Esparza, Raviv Ganchrow, Paul Johnson, Candice Lin, the Long Now Foundation, Iván Navarro, the A. Michael Powell Herbarium, the Rio Grande Research Center, Oscar Santillán, and the University of Texas at Austin McDonald Observatory."
Marfa |  Ballroom Marfa

Patrick Earl Hammie: Birth Throes

October 6, 2017 through September 22, 2018
A show of figurative paintings by artist Patrick Earl Hammie. "Birth Throes, a collection of portraits and allegories, meditates on the relationships between the artist and his mother, mortality, and the capacity for black experience to disrupt, diversify, and enrich American culture."
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