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15 of 58 Print all In new window William Sarradet's Virtual Conference 2017

February 1 through April 1, 2017
A new media happening. For more details: 800 789 2228 to access virtual convenings on three different singularities:Press 1 for Hydrology Press 2 for Material Press 3 for FinanceTo return to the main menu, press #Virtual Conference 2017 by William Sarradet An informal speculation conference on the future of hydrology, material and finance. in association with the society of something.The Virtual Conference will conclude with a private presentation on the subject of SaaS products and their role in New Media art. An invitational event set for Spring is forthcoming.Speakers: -Morehshin Allahyhari and Sam Robinson with Patrick Romeo -Carolyn Sortor and Marcos Yturri -Peter Fend

The Work of Abilene Visionary Clint Hamilton

February 16 through April 9, 2017
From the museum: "Abilene native Clint Hamilton (1928-2001) was a prodigy who made a successful career in Dallas and New York. His friends and artistic collaborators included Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, at a time before they were well-known. This exhibit showcases a fascinating selection of Hamilton’s assemblages, collages, drawings, and window display designs from the collection of the Grace Museum."

Teresa Margolles: We Have a Common Thread

January 19 through April 22, 2017
For this exhibition, Teresa Margolles gave artist-embroiderers access to fabric that had "been marked through contact with the body of a woman, or in some cases a man, who had suffered a violent death." The embroiderers then created patterns on the fabric to "trigger a conversation about the violence and social problems plaguing their respective communities."

Tangential Intimacies

January 19 through April 22, 2017
A group exhibition featuring works by Haydee Alonso, Laura Bombach, Nikki Diaz, Cynthia Evans, Nabil Gonzalez, Mia Moreno and Jane Terrazas. All of the artists in the show create works that draw from memory and contemporary craft traditions in an attempt to ask questions.

Shelter Serra: Lawns and Fences

February 18 through April 30, 2017
Shelter Serra's show Lawns and Fences is the inaugural exhibition for Pure Joy, an art gallery and shop running out of an old fuel-storage shed in Marfa, Texas. Serra's work explores issues of luxury, status, commercial consumption and the concept of the ‘American Dream’.
Marfa |  PURE JOY Marfa

Nathan Abels: Ghost Dance

March 10 through May 7, 2017
A show of paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Nathan Abels. The works combine old and new imagery imagery, "contrasting collective faith in modern and ancient technologies with an inevitable arc towards disintegration."

Strange Attractor

March 10 through August 6, 2017
An exhibition "exploring the uncertainties and poetics of networks, environmental events, technology, and sound." The show is curated by Gryphon Rue and features works by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Thomas Ashcraft, Robert Buck, Lucky Dragons, Beatrice Gibson, Phillipa Horan, Haroon Mirza, and Douglas Ross.
Marfa |  Ballroom Marfa
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