Top Five: September 14, 2017

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A Wheeler Brother’s Retrospective: The Lubbock Years

August 4 through September 28, 2017
An exhibition featuring over one hundered collaborative and individual works by the formerly Lubbock-based brothers Jeff and Bryan Wheeler. The show's opening night features music by Tim Wheeler, a Lubbock reunion of Los S.O.B.’s, and Butch Hancock.
Lubbock |  Buddy Holly Center

AMoA Biennial 600: Architecture

July 14 through October 1, 2017
The AMoA Biennial 600: Architecture exhibition is the 7th iteration of the Amarillo Museum of Art’s biennial series. The show is juried by Rand Elliott and features artists working within a 600-mile radius of Amarillo.
Amarillo |  Amarillo Museum of Art

Bill Bomar: Texas Moderns

September 16, 2017 through February 3, 2018
A show of works by Bill Bomar (1919-1991). Bomar was a member of the Fort Worth Circle of artists and co-founded the Old Jail Art Center.
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center

Kelly O'Connor: Oz / Odessa

September 16, 2017 through February 3, 2018
A show of works by San Antonio-based artist Kelly O'Connor. In her site-specific installation in the Old Jail's cell galleries, O'Connor draws parallels between the Emerald City of Oz and the city of Odessa, Texas and their inhabitants.
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center

Order Among Chaos

September 16, 2017 through February 3, 2018
A show of paper, wood, and plywood structures by artist Ronald Watson. "Watson utilizes strict systems of order, artistic intuition, and the viewers' perception to construct complex and intriguing sculptures with acute attention to detail and craftsmanship. Watson's work conveys a sense of stability in a world that is perceived to be in a state of chaos."
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center

When Georgia was Here

August 27, 2016 through February 24, 2018
An exhibition of art that was created during the period of Georgia O’Keeffe’s time at West Texas A&M University. The show will feature works by O’Keeffe’s contemporaries, including Lucien Abrams, Leon Dabo, Hale Bolton, Reveau Bassett, Louis Oscar Griffith, Edward G. Eisenlohr, E. Irving Couse, Joseph Henry Sharp, Bert Geer Phillips, W. Herbert Dunton, Oscar E. Berninghaus, and Ernest L. Blumenschein, among others. Objects in the show will rotate every 3-6 months.
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