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When Georgia was Here

August 27, 2016 through February 24, 2018
An exhibition of art that was created during the period of Georgia O’Keeffe’s time at West Texas A&M University. The show will feature works by O’Keeffe’s contemporaries, including Lucien Abrams, Leon Dabo, Hale Bolton, Reveau Bassett, Louis Oscar Griffith, Edward G. Eisenlohr, E. Irving Couse, Joseph Henry Sharp, Bert Geer Phillips, W. Herbert Dunton, Oscar E. Berninghaus, and Ernest L. Blumenschein, among others. Objects in the show will rotate every 3-6 months.

Big Art in Small Town

November 10, 2017 through February 24, 2018
An exhibition celebrating the grand opening of the Contemporary Art Museum Plainview. The show includes works by Daniel Anguilu, Sherry Owens, Kelly Moran, Katy Anderson, Sharon Kopriva, Dandee Warhol, Emily Peacock, Emily Sloan, Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, Patrick Medrano, Joe Barrington, Steven Kraig+Patrick Renner, and Benito Huerta.


February 7 through March 4, 2018
Feminum features sculptures by ten women artists from Texas and Oklahoma whose works explore intimate and equivocal negotiations of oppression, sovereignty, and feminist theory. Artists in the show include: Crystal Cambell (Tulsa), Erin Cunningham (Austin), Alicia Eggert & John Abrams (Denton), Rachel Hayes (Tulsa), Shana Hoehn (Houston), Kathryn Kelley (Lubbock), Liss LaFluer (Denton), Jennifer Ling Datchuck (San Antonio), Beili Liu (Austin), and Alyssa Taylor Wendt (Austin).The exhibition is curated by Loren Schwerd.

Robin Dru Germany: Overdue

February 2 through March 31, 2018
Overdue is an exhibition of photographs by Robin Dru Germany that explore the porous border between the water and the land, between humans and nature and between knowing and darkness.
Lubbock |  LHUCA

Big Picture!

February 2 through March 31, 2018
"Big Picture! presents large-scale works from 13 contemporary Texas artists who explore photography’s immediacy and infinite manipulability." The show is curated by Bryan Wheeler.Artists include:Bale Creek Allen Katy Anderson Kalee Appleton Rachel Cox Joe Harjo Mary Beth Koeth Jack Massing Mark Menjivar Rolando Sepulveda Molly Shigemoto Sherwin Rivera Tibayan Tom Turner Bryan Wheeler
Lubbock |  LHUCA

The Fine Art of Collecting

January 19 through April 14, 2018
An exhibition featuring art and artifacts from the collection of Judge B. Michael and Elise Chitty. The show includes Native American artifacts, folk art, modern and contemporary paintings, and artifacts from Africa, New Guinea, Bali, China and Japan, among others.
Abilene |  Grace Museum

Matt Kleberg: Warp and Weft

February 17 through May 12, 2018
"Matt Kleberg creates intriguing and ironic visual works by drawing inspiration from architectural facades, textile designs, altars, and modernist paintings. Lines become stripes, stripes become panels, and rhythmic panels become settings—a simple, direct, yet impactful approach."
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center

Lily Cox-Richard: Sculptures the Size of Hailstones

February 17 through May 12, 2018
Lily Cox-Richard's works "focus on systems and networks that exist all around us, yet often go unnoticed-the electrical wiring and plumbing between walls, the sprawling mycelium of fungus underfoot, and the goods created by cottage industries. She often transforms these systems into art, asserting their strength in formal terms by crafting buckets into columns, pallets into plinths, and baskets into niches."
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center

1,460 Days of Collecting: Selected Acquisitions Since 2014

February 17 through May 12, 2018
An exhibition featuring works recently acquired by the Old Jail Art Center. Over the past few years, the center has acquired works by David Bates, Ed Blackburn, Dennis Blagg, Vernon Fisher, Randy Twaddle, Joseph Havel, Helen Altman, Otis Jones, James Surls, Gene Owens, Bill Bomar, Kelly Fearing, Cynthia Brants, George Grammer, Bror Utter, and Dickson Reeder, among others.
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center
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