Lubbock City Eternal: Eric Simpson and Caleb Lightfoot

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Two Worlds: The Reality of Abstraction

June 2 through August 25, 2018
Two Worlds considers a loaned work by American artist Norman Lewis (1909-1979) titled Untitled (Subway Station), 1945, and selections from the Old Jail Art Center’s permanent collection as the artists explore the balance between depicting reality and investigating non-objective creations through abstraction." The show includes works by members of the Fort Worth Circle, a Texas artist group from the mid-twentieth centry.
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center

Cell Series: Helen Altman

June 2 through August 25, 2018
An exhibition of works by Fort Worth-based artist Helen Altman. From the Old Jail: "Altman’s work centers around common materials, objects, and images of animals and nature. The objects she utilizes in her work often derive from the flawed or discarded. Altman then makes alterations to these objects elevating them into the realm of “art,” thereby forcing interpretation of her choices and manipulations."
Albany |  Old Jail Art Center

Mediterranea-American Art from the Williford Collection

June 14 through September 1, 2018
"This exhibition explores the rich diversity of the Mediterranean region through the work of late 19th and early twentieth-century American artists, who capture the diversity and distinctiveness of its flora, the legacy of the Greco-Roman past, and the influence of Christianity and Islam."
Wichita Falls |  Wichita Falls Museum of Art

Celebrate Texas

June 8 through September 2, 2018
"Celebrate Texas will focus on artists from the 1850s to the 1940s and fashion designers from 1910 to the present day. Exhibition highlights include: hand crafted silver from Samuel Bell (1798-1882), pottery made by H. Wilson & Co. (1869-1903) the first black enterprise in Texas after the Civil War, plus dresses worn by First Lady Laura Bush (designer Michael Faircloth) and Governor Ann Richards (designer Les Wilk)."

Made in Texas!

July 13 through September 9, 2018
"The 25 quilts of the Made in Texas touring exhibition celebrate the pioneering spirit, natural beauty, and artistic talents of the Lone Star State. From a first-time quilter to prizewinning artists, the makers in this comprehensive exhibition reside in all regions of Texas."

The Angelo State University Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition

July 13 through September 9, 2018
The Angelo State University Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition features the work by the faculty members of Angelo State University’s Art Department. The exhibition will feature new works by Esteban Apodaca, Katherine Bunker (Kat Truth), Edwin Cuenco, Ralph Randall “Randy” Hall, Chris Stewart, Ben Sum, John Vinklarek, and Chris Voss, in a broad range of media including painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, photography, sculpture, graphic design, video, and installation.

44 Artists from Texas

August 3 through September 29, 2018
44 Artists from Texas is a three-part exhibition celebrating the incredible diversity of artists living and working in Texas.Artists in this round of the show include: Johan Barrios William Cannings Nathanal Donnett Wen Fan Stephen Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen Terrell James David Lackey Marcelyn McNeil Floyd Newsum Howard Sherman Jay Shinn Patrick Turk

Patent Pending: The Art of Invention

July 14 through October 13, 2018
"This is the 4th edition of Patent Pending, an invitational group exhibition, imagined and organized by accomplished artist Jon Whitfill. The show includes over 50 artists from all across the U.S. along with a few international guests. Each artist was given an original book of U.S. Patents (from 1961-1965) that documented inventions and creative minds during this innovative time. The artists were then asked to make an original piece of art inspired by their particular volume. Most of the artists will be at the opening."Artist include: Maisie Marie Alford (Lubbock, TX) Shreepred Joglekar (Manhattan, KS) Hills Snyder (San Antonio, TX) Lloyd W. Patterson Jr. (Chicago, IL) Valerie Chaussonnet (Austin, TX) Bc Gilbert (Wichita Falls, TX) Byron Rich (Meadville, PA) Suguru Hiraide (Wichita Falls, TX) Ven Voisey (Oakland, CA) J. Eric Simpson (Lubbock, TX) Alvaro Perez (Laredo, TX) Jon Whitfill (Lubbock, TX) Ian F Thomas (Slippery Rock, PA) Chad Plunket (Lubbock, TX) Victoria Marie Bee (New Orleans, LA) Katrina Prow(Long Beach, CA) James W Johnson (Lubbock, TX) Jeff Wheeler (Fallon, NV) Matthew Dean Williams (Amarillo, TX) Annie Gedicks (Germany) William Cannings (Lubbock, TX) Shannon Hartman Cannings(Lubbock, TX) Brandy Gonzales (Lubbock, TX) John Poch (Lubbock, TX) Randolph Carter (Lubbock, TX) Valerie Komkov Hill (Lubbock,TX) Diane Worth Doty (Plainview, TX) Ryan Collins (New Bedford, Ma) Catherine Prose (Wichita Falls, TX) Chase Yarbrough (Dallas, TX) Irby Pace (Montgomery, AL) Jacqueline Hunt (Emlenton PA) Wesley Harvey ( East Point, GA) Michael Mazurekk (Lubbock, TX) Andrew W. Martin (Lubbock, TX) Roger Holmes (Lubbock, TX) Dirk Fowler(Lubbock, TX) Janet Decker Yanez (Lubbock, TX) Kurt Dyrhaug (Lubbock, TX) Jesse Baggett (Wichita Falls TX) Madeline Alison (Houston, TX) Abed Monawar (Lubbock, TX) Ryder Richards (Lubbock, TX) Sam Ayers (Lubbock, TX) Joe Barrington (Throckmorton, TX) Jordan Vinyard (Chickasha, OK)

Cut Up/Cut Out

July 19 through October 14, 2018
"Cut Up/Cut Out showcases local, national, and international artists who explore various methods of decorative piercing and cutting. Artists in this show use a wide range of media from paper and plastic to metal and rubber."

Icons & Symbols of the Borderland

August 10 through October 14, 2018
"Icons & Symbols of the Borderland features works of art that serve as commentary on memory, ritual, nature, socio-political issues and personal experience around the theme of the United States-Mexico border. It is an exhibition that embodies the landscape and cultural legacy of the borderlands. Mesoamerican, Spanish, Mexican, and Native American elements are blended with the modern American cultural terrain. This exhibition is guest curated by Diana Molina and was organized by the Juntos Art Association whose mission is to promote cultural awareness through the arts."
Amarillo |  Amarillo Museum of Art

Border Cantos | Sonic Border

August 10 through December 9, 2018
"Border Cantos | Sonic Border brings together the sights and sounds of the Mexican-American border through a transformative, multi-sensory experience. This collaboration between American photographer Richard Misrach and Mexican American sculptor/composer Guillermo Galindo uses the power of art to explore and humanize the complex issues surrounding the United States-Mexico border."
Amarillo |  Amarillo Museum of Art
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