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Andrew Masullo

Texas Gallery

Last Chance - June 19 through July 26, 2014

Recent paintings from the San Francisco-based artist. Look for hard-edged supergraphic compositions executed with unfussy, uneven surface texture and density. The guy can paint.

Lorna Obermayr: The Bible Studies

Redbud Gallery

Last Chance - July 5 through 27, 2014

Obermayr (1923-2009) was an artist, writer and educator active in Idaho, and later British Columbia, from the mid-20th century until the time of her death. A former chair of the art department at Idaho State University, she wrote the epic poem The Book of Noah’s Wife in 2005. This show features her edition of 16 wry and raucous linocut prints of women in the Bible, from 1993-2003.

Carlos Pozo: Formal Distortion

Vinal Edge Records

Last Chance - May 10 through July 31, 2014

Pozo makes intensely colored and detailed silkscreen prints inspired by utopian architecture, science fiction and geometric abstraction. Opening will feature music by Raceway (Carlos Pozo and Bryan Porter), FLCON FCKER and Stephen Farris.  



July 12 through August 2, 2014

A group exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Paper Cuts II: Deep

Gallery M Squared

July 10 through August 3, 2014

Deep is the first in a three-part juried series of shows -- stay tuned for Deeper in August, and DEEPIST (sic) in November!!! Artists include Craig Deppen Auge, Juan Aaron Castillo, Richard Cutshall, Piyali Sen Dasgupta, Candice Davis, Carlo Fantin, Jennifer Fox, Sarah Fox, Tarina Frank, Rachel Gardner, Helen Gijsbers van Wijk (whose work is pictured), Marsha Glickman, Reni Glower, Robert Gorder, Hillaree Hamblin, Steve Ingham, Karen Lindeman, Huntz Liu, Nancy Luton, Chris Marin, Eileen McClellan, Randall Mosman, Radha Pandey, Cathy Espinosa Payne, Gay Pearson, Jason Piszczatowski, Russell Prince, Shida Rad, Natalie Rodgers, Nataliya Scheib, Joelle Verstraeten, Troy Winscott, Geraldina Interiano Wise, and Oliver V Wright.

The BIG Show 2014

Lawndale Art Center

July 11 through August 9, 2014

Whee!! It's time for Houston's favorite spaghetti-thrown-at-the-wall hodgepodge of local art. Let's go see what sticks! This year's juror was Erin Elder, visual arts director of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe.

Elinor Evans: Some Truths to Learn from Leaves

Moody Gallery

July 12 through August 9, 2014

Rice Architecture Professor Emeritus Elinor Evans is turning 100 this year! Her collages, as well as weavings and baskets from her personal collection, will be featured in this show, one of several special events organized by Rice to celebrate her centennial year, including the creation of a freshman scholarship fund in her name. Read more about her biography, her work, and her legacy at Rice here.

UNIT: What's in Store

Gallery Sonja Roesch

July 12 through August 16, 2014

See the latest multiples from UNIT, including prints, drawings, 2-D and 3-D multiples, and artist books. Participating Artists: Harry Gamboa Jr, Sage Paisner, Lewis Mauk, Jean-Baptiste Lenglet, Gissette Padilla, Rosane Volchan O’Connor, Solomon Kane, Simone Montemurno, Justin Amrhein, Kari Reardon, Donna Brown, Zach Kleyn, Myke Venable, Mark Ponder, Tony Day, Mary Magsamen + Stephan Hillerbrand, Ben Tong, Robert Dansby, Elyse Graham, Kate Kendall, Rachel McRae, Dennis Ichiyama, Kamila Szczesna, Raul Gonzalez, Sean Caulfield, Susannah Mira, Delilah Montoya, Tommy Gregory, Thais Mather, Jordan West, Valerie Green, Mokha Laget, Tom Lawson, Hills Snyder, Adrienne Elyse Meyers, Kristen Cliburn, and Hana Shoup.

My Son Is A Saint: Nick Barbee and CJ Davis

BOX 13 ArtSpace

July 12 through August 16, 2014

Galveston-based Nick Barbee and Dallas-based CJ Davis share an aesthetic sensibility "rooted in material exploration, a grandmother, a visual vocabulary based in humor and everyday objects, big butts and prominent foreheads. Some of this is genetic." [This just in: Barbee and Davis are also first cousins!]

Collective Reaction

Station Museum of Contemporary Art

March 16 through August 17, 2014

This umbrella exhibition features six solo exhibitions by Democracia, Adel Abidin, Hito Steyerl, Mohammed Al-Shammarey, Prince Varughese Thomas, and Maura Sheehan. Dealing with the proliferation of images and the devices that record them. In conjunction with FotoFest 2014.

Pressed: Prints from Latin America

Sicardi Gallery

July 10 through August 26, 2014

Prints produced at the venerable Barcelona press Polígrafa. Featuring prints by artists Carlos Cruz-Diez, León Ferrari, Guillermo Kuitca, Nelson Leirner, Jorge Macchi, Nicolás Paris, Liliana Porter, and Luis Tomasello. And, uh, this guy.

Francesca DiMattio: Housewares

Blaffer Art Museum

June 1 through August 30, 2014

DiMattio is known for her iconoclastic personal style and her keen instinct for materials, particuarly domestic goods (her last show at her gallery was titled "Table Setting and Flower Arranging"). This is her first solo museum show and first time to exhibit in Texas.

Candice Breitz: The Woods

Blaffer Art Museum

June 1 through September 6, 2014

Three video installations by the South African artist that examine the world of child performers. Before there was Lindsey Lohan, tabloid cash cow, there was Lindsey Lohan, unknown little girl auditioning for a camera. Shot in Los Angeles, Mumbai and Lagos.

A Thin Wall of Air: Charles James

The Menil Collection

May 31 through September 7, 2014

Neatly coinciding with Charles James: Beyond Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Menil's version explores the commissions, both clothes and furniture, that James received from the de Menils. His plush velvet furnishings (including this settee) were in stark contrast to the hard-edged minimalism of their Philip Johnson-designed home in River Oaks. Let the sartorial saturnalia begin!

Charles Marville: Photographer of Paris

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

June 15 through September 14, 2014

Here you go, urban planning buffs and historical architectural hand-wringers: "At the heart of the show are compelling views of Paris both before and after many of its historic neighborhoods were razed to make way for broad boulevards, monumental buildings and manicured parks."

More Real Than Reality Itself

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

June 27 through September 21, 2014

New video works Andrea Geyer, Camille Henrot, Laure Prouvost, and A. L. Steiner. The lineup is a who's who of recently lauded video artists (who also all happen to be women): Prouvost won the 2013 Turner Prize; Henrot won a Silver Lion award as the most promising young artist at the 2013 Venice Biennial; Geyer was a recent MoMA resident; and Hyperallergic said that Steiner's piece in this year's Whitney Biennial was "one of the few pieces that pulls you in with a seductive complexity." Overheated star machine claptrap, or something genuinely worth spending your time on? We're betting on the latter, at least for some of these works.

Houston Founder's at City Hall

Houston City Hall

June 20 through October 1, 2014

Works by Houston's "earlier painters" installed in various conference rooms throughout city hall. Included are works by David Adickes, John Biggers, Jack Boynton, Roylin Bradley, Lamar Briggs, Emma Richardson Cherry, Bill Condon, Diedre Curnell, Charles Criner, Don Edelman, Frank Freed, Henri Gadbois, Karl Hall, Dorothy Hood, Otis Huband, Earlie Hudnall, Grace Spaulding John, Paul Maxwell, Leila McConnell, William McKenna, Herb Mears, Adrienne Rison, E.M. “Buck” Schiwetz, Charles Schorre, Chester Snowden, Earl Staley, Richard Stout, Stella Sullivan, Anthony Thibodeaux, and Dick Wray. (And no, we're not sure about the apostrophe in the title either.)  

The People's Plate with Otabenga Jones & Associates: Lawndale 2014 mural

Lawndale Art Center

February 28, 2014 through January 10, 2015

The 2014 mural at Lawndale Art Center will feature Otabenga Jones & Associates. This project will be the fourth mural at Lawndale Art Center. In addition to the mural at Lawndale there will be a series of adjacent programs, kicking off a year-long commitment to health education. Programs will include cooking classes, a foraging workshop, an urban gardening workshop and a line of mass produced lunchboxes that will be made available to the public.

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