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Saturday, December 27


Erika Pochybova Johnson: Voilà!

d. m. allison

Last Chance - December 6 through 23, 2014

New abstract paintings by Czech-American artist Erika Pochybova Johnson blend contemporary aesthetics with European folk art influences.

Tim Olson: Intimate Knowledge

d. m. allison

Last Chance - December 6 through 23, 2014

San Antonio artist Tim Olson's tactile, mixed media collages and tempera pieces are inspired by paging through old books and handling objects.

Tony Feher: Super Special Happy Group

Hiram Butler Gallery

Last Chance - November 1 through December 27, 2014

After his 25-year survey organized by The Blaffer in 2012, Tony Feher is back in town. A sculptor who uses non-precious, commonly available materials and found objects, Feher also engages site-determined, architecturally-based installations.

Homage to Domestic Familiarity III

Anya Tish Gallery

Last Chance - November 21 through December 27, 2014

As the third installment of the Domestic Familiarity exhibitions, the common thread amongst these diversified artists is their emphasis on depicting the mundane. Artists: Jonathan Clark, Daniela Edburg, Vadim Gushchin, Katja Loher, Shelby David Meier, Neva Mikulicz, Japheth Storlie, and James Zamora.

Bret Shirley: VALU+ Judgement

Last Chance - November 21 through December 28, 2014

Shirley employs the use inorganic lab grown salt crystals, LEDs, casting resins, and concrete to create a series of sculptures and paintings that reflect on humanity's long standing fascination with the beauty and symmetry of crystalline structures.

Thais Mather: Wonder Bitch

The UNIT Store at Spring Street Studios

November 8, 2014 through January 3, 2015

A solo exhibition of work by artist/writer/feminist Thais Mather. Wonder Bitch was born out of a rough patch in her life, where she was using the post-it as a diaristic method of taking a hard look at herself and creating reminders of what not to do with her life. It culminated in a series of 500 post-it note drawings, with occasional text discussing the semiotics of the cultural violence of gender, race, class and how we might deconstruct them with a snide humor.

Michael Velliquette: Serpent Worship

David Shelton Gallery

November 14, 2014 through January 3, 2015

Velliquette’s new series of dimensional cut paper constructions embrace their folkloric origins, but insist on a new spiritual vocabulary—one that combines aspects of 20th-century formalism with contemporary sensibilities about the handmade.

Julon Pinkston: Nailed

Zoya Tommy Contemporary

November 21, 2014 through January 3, 2015

In Pinkston’s current work, he creates impasto paintings along with paint made to look and feel like ubiquitous objects relating to his studio practice—duct tape, plywood, red stickers—using acrylic paint as a medium.

Gail Siptak

The Raven Grill

December 3, 2014 through January 3, 2015

Longtime Houston artist Gail Siptak presents her latest narrative paintings, which seem to be a bit more abstracted than usual.

Dario Robleto: The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed

Menil Collection

August 15, 2014 through January 4, 2015

This exhibit is the perfect union of cabinet of curiosity artist and cabinet of curiosity. Robleto has been researching NASA heartbeat recordings as well as the recent medical breakthrough of the beatless artificial heart, for "the largely unexplored history of the human heartbeat."

Robert Hodge: Destroy and Rebuild

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

October 3, 2014 through January 4, 2015

The first  solo museum show for Houston musician and visual artist, Robert Hodge. Though his practice has expanded to include site-specific sculpture and hip hop recording, Destroy and Rebuild features fifteen paintings and an off-site presentation of The Beauty Box, a second iteration of Hodge's 2013 site-specific sculpture, this time in Houston's Fifth Ward at 3705 Lyons Street.

Geoff Winningham: In Place

The Brandon

December 12, 2014 through January 9, 2015

Photographer Geoff Winningham illuminates the precarious relationships that southerners have with the natural forces that surround us. This exhibition brings together a range of his photographs taken since the 1970s which capture the life and landscape of the Southern United States and Gulf of Mexico.

The People's Plate with Otabenga Jones & Associates: Lawndale 2014 mural

Lawndale Art Center

February 28, 2014 through January 10, 2015

The 2014 mural at Lawndale Art Center will feature Otabenga Jones & Associates. This project will be the fourth mural at Lawndale Art Center. In addition to the mural at Lawndale there will be a series of adjacent programs, kicking off a year-long commitment to health education. Programs will include cooking classes, a foraging workshop, an urban gardening workshop and a line of mass produced lunchboxes that will be made available to the public.

RAW MATERIAL: Mari Omori, Kia Neill, and Cassie Normandy White

Hunter Gather

November 13, 2014 through January 10, 2015

Mari Omori creates wall installations and sculptures using tea bags; multi-media artist Kia Niell creates fantastical simulations of nature with watercolor and clay; and Cassie Normandy White’s biomorphic prints stem from a playful obsession with form, color and a fascination with the controlled accidents inherent to the medium.

Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe: Posse Comitatus


November 21, 2014 through January 10, 2015

An ongoing collaborative project by New York-based artists Knight and Tribe, Posse Comitatus examines the socio-cultural dynamics of paramilitary groups and the representation of their political ideologies through performative gestures and movement. They will present the final iteration of this three-year project, which includes a video installation, photographs, and a reading series—together speaking to issues of protection and preparedness, concepts that have particular resonance in Texas and to American society at large.

Jules Buck Jones: ¿Do Geese See God?

McMurtrey Gallery

December 6, 2014 through January 10, 2015

Science and mythology overlap in Jones' aggressive ecosystems of deconstructed woodland imagery. We're not sure what palindromes have to do with painting, but Jules Buck Jones seems to be pretty darn good at both.

Joe Goode

Texas Gallery

December 4, 2014 through January 10, 2015

L.A. Times’ Christopher Knight says, “Goode deftly balances the destructive impulse with the constructive one, a tension that defines so much compelling art made since World War II. It’s as if our understanding of the world can only be achieved by keeping in mind how temporary and provisional it is.”

Kermit Oliver

Hooks-Epstein Galleries

December 6, 2014 through January 10, 2015

Longtime artist Kermit Oliver’s new paintings and works on paper, marking his 27th year of representation by Hooks-Epstein. Last year, Oliver received the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art League Houston and his work was the subject of a lifetime retrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in March 2005.

Lauren Moya Ford: Time Front

Lawndale Art Center

December 13, 2014 through January 10, 2015

Austin-based artist Lauren Moya Ford borrows from the “window splash” style of sign painting to place hyperbolic, time-based terms on each of Lawndale's Main Street windows, creating a new poetry from the pop language of advertising.

How the Light Gets In: Recent Work by Former Core Fellows

Glassell School of Art

October 10, 2014 through January 11, 2015

In homage to the building that has been the MFAH’s Core program's home since its inception, Mary Leclère and Lily Cox-Richard have organized a show of seven former Core fellows. Featuring works by Mequitta Ahuja, Vasco Araújo, Nick Barbee, Steffani Jemison, Karyn Olivier, Fraser Stables, and Jeff Williams. After this show, the Glassell will host the spring 2015 Core Exhibition and then THAT’S IT for this iconic building.

LA to TX

Octavia Art Gallery

December 11, 2014 through January 14, 2015

This group show brings together work by five Louisiana and Texas artists with unique approaches to color, form and dimension–Jerry Cabrera (San Antonio), Martha Hughes (Marfa), Edward Lee Hendricks (Houston), Anastasia Pelias (New Orleans), and Jeffrey Pitt (New Orleans).


Mariago Collective

December 13, 2014 through January 17, 2015

The Mariago Collective presents this series of small, meditative works by members of the San Antonio arts collective, Lullwood, including artists Joseph Duarte, Joe Harjo, Julie Ledet & Connie Swann, Esteban Delgado, and Clay McClure.


Lawndale Art Center

November 21, 2014 through January 22, 2015

Questioning how freeways have impacted art making—whether as inspiration, antagonist, or more neutrally as platform or stage—curators Joshua Fischer and Katia Zavistovski feature a broad range of work by artists and architects. Work by The Art Guys, Anthony Álvares, Jesse Morgan Barnett, Claudia Casbarian, Bryan Gardner, Heather Johnson, Cody Ledvina, Lars Lerup, Mike Osborne, Flash Gordon Parks, Susie Rosmarin, Thumb (Luke Bulman and Jessica Young) and Charisse Weston.



December 13, 2014 through January 24, 2015

Works by artists Heather Bause (Houston), Calvin Ross Carl (Portland), Geneva Gordon (Houston), Christoph Hueppi (Switzerland), and Darcy Rosenberger (Houston) blur traditional boundaries between painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Stories of a Workforce: Celebrating the Centennial of the Houston Ship Channel

Houston Public Library’s Julia Ideson Building

September 2, 2014 through January 31, 2015

Houston wouldn't be Houston without the Ship Channel, and this show will explore the "lore of work" associated with the city's port — and there is nothing not to love about their press image of the heavily tattooed young man suggestively wrangling two big ropes. Dockworkers of the world, UNITE! In conjunction with Transported + Renewed.

Eric Heist: Biosphere 2 and Anna Elise Johnson: Cajole The Nice Nice

Galveston Artist Residency

November 29, 2014 through January 31, 2015

Eric Heist's installation continues his interest in the economic and psychological dynamics of communal idealism in the face of individual interests. As in previous exhibitions by the artist, an array of media is directed toward a research-based approach to an historic event. Opening in the Project Space are new works by Anna Elise Johnson. The title for this exhibition comes from a line in the Dada Manifesto by Tristan Tzara that asks if art is only meant to "cajole the nice nice bourgeois." Her collages manipulate a historical photograph that presents an archetypal scene of political negotiation.

Double Life

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

December 12, 2014 through March 13, 2015

Pushing at our definitions of “performance,” Double Life features a video and performance by Paris-based choreographer Jérôme Bel, a sculptural environment by South Korean artist Haegue Yang, and film/video works by Los Angeles-based Wu Tsang, including the premiere of two-channel video installation, Miss Communication and Mr:Re.

Line: Making the Mark

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

December 12, 2014 through March 22, 2015

This exhibition of drawings and prints from the museum’s permanent collection shows how various artists, since the advent of Modernism, have explored and expanded mark-making. Includes works by Josef Albers, Louise Bourgeois, Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Sol LeWitt, Sam Messenger, Joan Mitchell, and Barnett Newman.


Art League Houston

November 14, 2014 through April 24, 2015

This exhibition of new works by Sri-Lankan born artist Rajni Perera features a large-scale mural, and a series of paintings that cross-translate between the visual languages of Indian miniaturist art, Blaxploitation, and the images produced by the Hubble Deep Field Telescope. Floating between Western and Immigrant culture, the work creates an interesting East-West dialogue of ideas, concerning immigrant identity issues, female sexuality and science fiction and fantasy.

Jason Villegas: Mineral Spirit

Art League Houston

November 14, 2014 through April 24, 2015

A site-specific sculptural installation, inspired by string theory and spiritual vibrations, by Houston-based artist Jason Villegas in the ALH Sculpture Garden.

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