Sticks and Stones: Works by Helen Altman at the Tyler Museum of Art

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East Texas



Paul Kane: Intrepid Artist and Adventurer

October 21, 2017 through June 2, 2018
"From 1845-1848, artist Paul Kane camped and canoed across the North American continent, sketching in watercolor and oil paints along the way. He wanted to record the landscape and the people before they changed. This exhibition presents Kane’s first-hand works exploring regions through the artist’s eye."
Orange |  Stark Museum of Art

Shaun Roberts: Rebels and Renegades

March 17 through June 3, 2018
"Shaun Roberts lives in Nacogdoches, Texas, where he works as Assistant Professor of Painting at Stephen F. Austin State University. The artist's compositions are often inspired by Italian Renaissance and Baroque masters, including Caravaggio, as seen in his dynamic, painterly strokes and theatrical settings. The artist has eschewed the characters of the early modern paintings and instead created a scene from everyday life in deep East Texas and incorporated contemporary people as actors and actresses in his compositions."

Anthony Sonnenberg: Still Stage, Set Life

March 17 through June 3, 2018
"Recognized for his skills with ceramics, forming opulent candlesticks, chandeliers and arrangements, artist Anthony Sonnenberg also makes crowns, clothing, mixed media wall pieces, installations, and performances that visualize the decadence characteristic of Baroque and Rococo periods. Such aesthetic superfluities, created with lavish fabrics, metals, ceramics dripping with brilliant glaze, flowers and found objects emphasize the overabundant excesses and ideas of constructed beauty throughout history."

Sticks and Stones: Works by Helen Altman

March 11 through June 3, 2018
"An exhibition featuring more than 40 works by Fort Worth-based artist Helen Altman. Sticks and Stones particularly focuses on the artist's fascination with flora and fauna, which 'have been a much-appreciated constant in my life,' the artist said. 'They have been a constant source of joy and also a source of coping.'"

Lee Cunningham

April 7 through June 23, 2018
A retrospective of works by Texas artist Lee Cunningham. The show includes oil paintings, photography, sculpture and pottery works by Cunningham, along with photography by her aunt  Amelia “Mimi” Castleberry Tierney, and her son, Alan Cammack.
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