Fort Worth Modern Announces Fall 2018 Tuesday Evening Lectures

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Saturday,  8.18.18


2018 Member's Exhibition

Saturday,  8.18.18   |   7–10 pm
An exhibition featuring works by members of 500X, including: Ashley Whitt, Tony Veronese, Valerie Powell, Ross Faircloth, James Talambas, Chris Ireland, Molly Dierks, Seth Lorenz, Justin Strickland, Michelle Thomas Richardson, Joanne Cervantes, Scott Bell, Blake Weld, Grace Sydney Pham, and Becky Wilkes.
Dallas  |  500X Gallery

Thursday,  8.23.18


My Time at TCU: Photographs by Luther Smith

Thursday,  8.23.18   |   5–7 pm
"My Time at TCU: Photographs by Luther Smith is a mini-retrospective of work by the highly acclaimed Fort Worth artist and professor of photography. The exhibition includes black-and-white and color photographs highlighting Smith’s artistic focus over the past thirty-five years, with subject matter ranging from his early work documenting the intricacies of the human experience to his long and ongoing journey capturing the vast nuance and beauty found in the common landscape."

Saturday,  8.25.18



Saturday,  8.25.18   |   6–8 pm
"This show presents photographic works, paintings, designs and textiles where Mexico – by way of influence, location and artisans – is the common thread. The exhibit uses the current interest in discourse on the future relationship between Mexico and America to explore how the two cultures have historically been inextricably related concerning art. Artists of different descents and practices showcase how the rich cultural heritage of Mexico and its long-standing relationship with America has influenced their lives and artistic expression."Artists include: TRINE ELLITSGAARD (OAXACA, MEXICO) GARY GOLDBERG (WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS) DESIGN BY MERKKI (GUADALJARA, MEXICO) FRANCISCO MORENO (DALLAS, TEXAS) CRUZ ORTIZ (SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) FRANCISCO TOLEDO (OAXACA, MEXICO) RENE TREVINO (BALTIMORE, MARYLAND) ANTONIO TUROK (OAXACA, MEXICO)
Dallas   |  Erin Cluley Gallery

Robert Beck/Robert Buck

Saturday,  8.25.18   |   6–8 pm
"Robert Beck/Robert Buck will exhibit selections from three bodies of work from his trans-disciplinary practice: Kodak Instant photographs (1979-80); a “diagnostic drawing” (2007); and Cell (Winter Mimicry 0.1) (2008). The three series exemplify his abiding investigation into identity and interpretation, and the ways they are ciphered by artistic materials, ranging from traditional art supplies to non-art materials."
Dallas   |  Erin Cluley Gallery

Thursday,  8.30.18



Thursday,  8.30.18   |   6–8 pm
"Flâneuse is a group exhibition featuring eight international artists whose work draws attention to the role of gender in contemporary urban experience. Through a variety of media the artists explore a diverse array of concerns about street life." Artists include: Martha Cooper, Alicia Eggert, Retha Ferguson, Laura Grace Ford, Roxane Huilmand, Cristina de Middel, Alicia Paz and Tuesday Smillie.
Fort Worth  |  Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

Saturday,  9.8.18

Tuesday,  9.11.18

Friday,  9.14.18


Mike Morris: ARK

Friday,  9.14.18   |   5–7 pm
"ARK is a cinematic installation featuring a film by Michael A. Morris made from archival 35mm film prints held in the G. William Jones Film and Video Collection. This work is installed on a looping film system devised by the Collection’s Jeremy Spracklen and Scott Martin, and in conjunction with Brad Miller from Film-Tech Cinema Systems. The looping film is a new mosaic of images and sounds created by contact printing and hand processing of short lengths of films selected from the archive."

Bread & Butter

June 23 through August 25, 2018
A group exhibition organized by Galleri Urbane's Assistant Director, Adrian Zuñiga. The show includes works by gallery artists Arden Bendler Browning, Jessica Drenk, Loring Taoka, Gail Peter Borden, Abby Sherrill, Marion Wesson, Heath West, Jessica Snow, and exhibiting visiting artists Benjamin Terry, Peter Frederiksen, Christopher Paul Dean, Matthew Wood among others. ​

LONE STARS: A celebration of Texas Culture in Art

May 6 through August 26, 2018
LONE STARS: A celebration of Texas Culture in Art features works by Chelo Gonzalez Amezcua, Eddie Arning, Hector Alonzo Benvadies, Tom Burleson, Henry Ray Clark, Luster Davis, Robert Adale Davis, C.A.A. Dellschau, Vanzant Driver, Uncle Pete Drgac, Felix Fox Harris, Rev JL Hunter, Frank Jones, Richard G. Kendall, Sam Mirelez, Ike Morgan, and Rev. Johnnie Swearingen. The show was organized by the Webb Gallery along with author Jay Wehnert, in celebration of his recently published book about Texas outsider artists.
Waxahachie |  Webb Gallery

Harry Nuriev: 6 Fears

April 12 through August 28, 2018
"6 Fears is a glimpse into the varied course of the relationships between an architect and the design briefs set for him. The installation explores Harry Nuriev's design process, working methods, and philosophical approach while illuminating the emotional and artistic content of his work."
Dallas |  Dallas Contemporary

Sara Rahbar: Carry me home

April 12 through August 28, 2018
"Carry me home reflects upon the relationship between self and Other as well as the socio-political tensions present in nationalism’s relationship to violence. The exhibition brings together works that express the range of Sara Rahbar’s practice from cast sculpture to constructions of accumulated objects and textile works.
Dallas |  Dallas Contemporary

Summer 2018

July 14 through August 28, 2018
Dallas  |  Erin Cluley Gallery

Jeremy H. Jones: The Amalgamation

August 3 through 28, 2018
"The Amalgamation is an installation composed of interchangeable and independent bodies of work that can come together in any quantity or arrangement to turn gallery spaces into expressive landscapes of steel with flowing paper skies."

Clark & Echols: Telos

July 14 through September 1, 2018
An exhibition by the Dallas-based collaborative duo Matt Clark and Jackson Echols. The works in the show are created by the artists painting and placing objects on top of photosensitive paper, and exposing the paper to sunlight.
Dallas |  Conduit Gallery

New Texas Talent XXV

August 4 through September 1, 2018
New Texas Talent XXV is the 25th iteration of Craighead-Green Gallery's annual statewide juried show featuring works by Texas artists.

Gabriel Dawe: Plexus no. 34

August 16, 2016 through September 2, 2018
An installation by Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawe commissioned for the Amon Carter Museum of American Art's atrium. For the installation, Dawe used more than 60 miles of colored thread to create a work "highlighting the architecture of the museum’s renowned Philip Johnson-designed building."

Anna Simone Minzer: Inauguration

July 21 through September 2, 2018
Anna Simone Minzer is a NYC based artist/photographer and a recent graduate of the International Center of Photography. In the words of the artist: "A world bursting with media inflicts a myriad of messages upon the subconscious. Which gestures, which images, which words echo throughout our cavernous psyches in order to become the sign posts of latent belief systems. By intermixing phrases from Trump's Inauguration address and text from horror stories posted by amateur online writers, the series Inauguration aims to explore our threat filled domains with the logic of dreams."
Dallas |  Mighty Fine Arts

2018 Member's Exhibition

August 18 through September 2, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by members of 500X, including: Ashley Whitt, Tony Veronese, Valerie Powell, Ross Faircloth, James Talambas, Chris Ireland, Molly Dierks, Seth Lorenz, Justin Strickland, Michelle Thomas Richardson, Joanne Cervantes, Scott Bell, Blake Weld, Grace Sydney Pham, and Becky Wilkes.
Dallas |  500X Gallery

Wicked Summer

August 4 through September 4, 2018
A group show featuring artists represented by the gallery and guest artists.
Dallas |  Beaudry Gallery


August 4 through September 8, 2018
Chaos!!!!!! is back! This annual exhibition of small-scale works features over 100 artists.
Dallas |  Ro2 Art

Frederic Remington: Altered States

August 31, 2017 through September 9, 2018
An exhibition of works by Frederic Remington. The show focuses on three of Remington's paintings that were altered after their completion. The exhibition runs concurrently with the museum’s ongoing exhibition “Legacy,” depicting the clash of cultures of the 19th century American West.
Ft. Worth |  Sid Richardson Museum


September 9, 2017 through September 9, 2018
An exhibition featuring artworks from the museum's collection that depict the American West. The show includes paintings by Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell and their contemporaries, along with four bronze sculptures.
Ft. Worth |  Sid Richardson Museum

Body Ego

July 12 through September 9, 2018
"Body Ego includes works by more than ten female artists in the DMA’s collection and considers how abstract sculpture represents the human body, and the ways viewers relate to the objects through their own experiences."

Soft Focus

July 12 through September 9, 2018
"This new installation of photographs from the DMA’s collection highlights the exemplary work of more than 20 women photographers who have expressed softened and dreamlike aspects in their pieces. By experimenting with distortion and placing particular emphasis on how the body connects or contrasts with the surrounding environment, these artists invite viewers to feel a sense of strange familiarity in their works."

Rick Rembisz: Fridas

August 3 through September 9, 2018
An exhibition of photographs Rick Rembisz took during Frida Kahlo's 110th birthday celebration at the Dallas Museum of Art.
Garland |  Granville Arts Center

The YPs: New Photography in Fort Worth

August 18 through September 29, 2018
"The YPs: New Photography in Fort Worth explores the works of five young photographers that are breathing new life into photography from the region." The show is curated by Christopher Blay and features works by Ting Huang, Paul Thomas Leicht, Raul Rodriguez, Diana Urbina, Viktor Villanueva.

Tiny's Family Life, 2003-2005 + Photography and Social Justice

April 14 through September 30, 2018
An exhibition featuring artworks by teens, grades 7-12, in The Stewpot’s Junior and Venturing Crews. "Photography and Social Justice was developed as an educational initiative by The Stewpot’s Junior and Venturing Crews and The Museum of Street Culture. The teen's photographs, to be installed in the windows above The Stewpot parking garage, were created through the collaborative efforts of teens in the Junior and Venturing Crews, who were asked to discuss and reflect on issues and stereotypes of homelessness, ideas of home, and how photography can play a role in social justice."


August 4 through October 27, 2018
An exhibition of works by Ashley Aleman, Theresa Brooks, Curtis Frederick, Jamie Gardner, Douglas Gray, Denise Hohulin, Susi Lopera, Regina Lopez, Silvia Majocchi, Jennifer Pate, Laura Boergadine Sapp, Elisabeth Schalij, Susan Seaborn, Parker Seward, Elijah Solis, Mark Stewart, Lauren Tompkins, and Juan Villegas
Cedar Hill |  Sly Cat Gallery

Nomadic Fungi: Germination to Propagation

August 11 through October 28, 2018
"This exhibition at the Texas Discovery Gardens brings together the most comprehensive collection of information currently available in regards to the growth and propagation of Nomadic Fungi. Nomadic Fungi are a mutated species that have functionally adapted to feed on automobiles. They have the capacity to infiltrate cars and extract nutrients directly from them by rapidly biodegarding materials made from oil, plastic, and synthetic rubber, The Nomadic Fungi Institute believes these voracious fungi constitute a serious threat to our nation's transportation system and ultimately to the American way of life."


May 25 through November 14, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti artist Amara Abdal Figueroa. The show is curated by SMU Pollock Gallery Director Sofia Bastidas from May 25th - November 14th 2018. An opening reception will be held Friday, May 25th from 7pm - 10pm. The Ana G. Méndez University System is located at 3010 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, Tx 75247.

Earthly Splendor: Korean Ceramics from the Collection

January 20 through November 24, 2018
An exhibition featuring Korean ceramics from the Crow Collection of Asian Art's holdings. The show pairs contemporary Korean ceramics with historical Korean ceramics, highlighting "the material, aesthetic, stylistic, and technical developments of Korean ceramics throughout history."

Everybody Was a Kid

August 10 through December 31, 2018
Everybody Was a Kid is a group show featuring works made by artists when they were children. Artists include Chuck and George, Austin Adams, Veronica Adams, Willie Baronet, Kate Colin, Art Garcia, Renick Hall-Crofford, Corey Kent Johnson, Elise LaBella, Michael McKenzie, Rachel Muldez, Kristen Penrod, Tom Sale, Danny Rose, Jen Rose, Giovanni Valderas, Bernado Vallarino-Portela, Molly Vaudry, and Lois Wagnsiel.

Hedda Sterne: Printed Variations

July 28, 2018 through January 27, 2019
"From luscious leafy tendrils to stark horizon lines, this exhibition of prints by Hedda Sterne celebrates the artist’s variety of formal interests. Although most often associated with a group of artists called the “Irascibles”—avant-garde forerunners of Abstract Expressionism—Sterne defied stylistic categorization. Her aesthetic experimentations fluctuated between organic and geometric, figural and abstract, and painterly and graphic. All share, however, a passionate attention to detail and form."


April 12, 2018 through May 25, 2019
An exhibition featuring works by Dallas and North Texas-area artists. Artists in the show include: Anaah Abedi, Sally Ackerman, Jesse Alarcon, Mary Banks, Laura Beard, Jessica Bell, Elizabeth Bentley, Sudeep Bhargava, Francesca Brunetti, Ciara Bryant, Brandy Butler, Du Chau, Lizz Corea, Norm Diamond, Hayley Earnest, Connor Frew, Moriah Garcia, Essie Graham, Franz Guerrero, Chunyu Han, William Holmberg, John Koch, Benjamine Lester, Jas Mardis, Paxton Maroney, Roberta Masciarelli, Freddie Meagher, Tina Medina, Jamila Mendez, Karla Mora Mora, Hannah (Bernadette) Negrete, Kevin Owens, Chancellor Page, Kaila Parrish, Elaine Pawlowicz, Paul Pena, Gregory Piazza, Guinn Powell, Gabrielle Pruitt, Fari Rahimi, Octaviano Rangel, Marty Ray, Jorge Rey, Michael Scogin, Michael Scogin, T. Stone, Vet, Sarah Wandrey, Utopia Weiner and Becky Wilkes.This show is part of Dallas' city-wide ART214 exhibition series juried by lizabeth Mellott, Tori Phillips, Jim Burton and Arthur Peña, and curated by Christina Estrella Riggs.

Sculpting Nature: Jade from the Collection

March 11, 2017 through December 31, 2021
An exhibition highlighting jade objects from the museum's collection. The pieces in the show reflect multiple aspects of Chinese culture—from archaic ritual, through the world of the scholars, to the refinements of courtly life.
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