Artists and the Future of AI: A Conversation with Dean Terry

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Wednesday,  5.23.18

Thursday,  5.24.18

Friday,  5.25.18



Friday,  5.25.18   |   7–10 pm
An exhibition featuring works by Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti artist Amara Abdal Figueroa. The show is curated by SMU Pollock Gallery Director Sofia Bastidas from May 25th - November 14th 2018. An opening reception will be held Friday, May 25th from 7pm - 10pm. The Ana G. Méndez University System is located at 3010 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, Tx 75247.

Saturday,  5.26.18


Before iPhone: Photography by Paul Sokal

Saturday,  5.26.18   |   5–7 pm
"Paul Sokal explores the rapid pace of technological change through large format color photographs of the relics of once-revolutionary products now replaced by cell phones."
Abilene  |  Grace Museum

Divine Order: Conan Chadbourne

Saturday,  5.26.18   |   5–7 pm
An exhibition featuring works by Conan Chadbourne. Chadbourne is inspired by mathematical themes and formulas.
Abilene  |  Grace Museum

Josephine Durkin: Everbloom

Saturday,  5.26.18   |   6–8 pm
An exhibition of sewn collages, wall sculptures, and installations by Josephine Durkin. The pieces in the show are inspired by nature and are the artist's form of creating an evergreen garden.
Dallas   |  Erin Cluley Gallery


Saturday,  5.26.18   |   7–10 pm
An exhibition featuring colorful works by UNT alumni Rachel Fischer, Betsey Gravatt, Adam Palmer, and Austin Sparks. "Known for their bold use of color, these four artists analyze and respond to the world around them in various ways, drawing inspiration from everyday objects, racing thoughts, and childhood memories."
Dallas  |  Ro2 Art POP-UP

Friday,  6.1.18


Helena Gijsbers Van Wijk: Melting, Overflowing, Shifting

Friday,  6.1.18   |   6–9 pm
Melting, Overflowing, Shifting…. is an exhibit of ceramic sculptures featuring Helena Gijsbers Van Wijk’s latest body of work. Her non-representational sculptures are rooted in figuration; they are biomorphic, straddling the line between different life forms, suggesting partial bodies, animals, and botanical elements."

Saturday,  6.2.18


April 21 through May 26, 2018
An exhibition featuring colorful works by UNT alumni Rachel Fischer, Betsey Gravatt, Adam Palmer, and Austin Sparks. "Known for their bold use of color, these four artists analyze and respond to the world around them in various ways, drawing inspiration from everyday objects, racing thoughts, and childhood memories."
Dallas |  Ro2 Art POP-UP

Connie Lowe: Chromarray

April 6 through May 27, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by artist Connie Lowe. In her pieces, Lowe "examines the intersection between nature and human-built environments, with a special focus on biology, mathematics, psychology and agriculture."

Patricia Rodriguez: Outside Is My Inside

April 26 through May 30, 2018
"In Patricia Rodriguez’s creative exploration, surreal and complex forms of nature are vividly brought to life. Her newest body of work carries a gestural abstraction not found in her earlier work, symbolizing nature’s wild response to the innate human desire for order. By embracing this natural energy in her paintings, Rodriguez encourages viewers to connect to the movement of their environment and examine their own 'outside worlds.'"

You're so quiet, you're almost tomorrow

January 18 through May 31, 2018
An exhibition featuring sculptures, paintings and ceramics by artists Sierra Forester, Jeff Gibbons, Casey Leone, Neal Paustian, Hector Ramirez, Kiran Sattar and H Schenck. The works in the exhibition "explore the physical relationship between combined materials, as well as the ways in which objects can be visually uncomplicated while maintaining a sense of strength and beauty."
Fort Worth |  Moncrief Cancer Institute

Jessica Sanders & Cierra McGuckie: Shape and Form

February 10 through May 31, 2018
An exhibition featuring paintings by Cierra McGuckie and sculptures by Jessica Sanders. McGuckie creates "large-scale oil on canvas psychological portraits which depict fictional women from the mid century era" and Sanders makes sculptures "based on an assemblage of small handmade fired and glazed porcelain tiles."

Linnea Glatt: Plot Line

February 24 through May 31, 2018
An exhibition featuring new works on paper by artist Linnea Glatt. "Plot Line features a continuation of Glatt’s diverse fabric drawings and handmade books, contemplating elements of seriality, rhythm, and contrasts. Glatt unifies surface and substrate by layering textiles, removing threads to expose structural lines, and stitching thread into fabric or mulberry paper."

Beauty and Subjugation from The Goss-Michael Collection

April 11 through May 31, 2018
An exhibition curated by international art advisor Filippo-Tattoni-Marcozzi featuring works from the Goss-Michael Foudnation's Collection. The show focuses on pieces that "expose, inspire, confront and reflect upon the use and abuse of the female body in contemporary art."The show includes works by Cecily Brown, Don Brown, Mat Collishaw, Henry Coombes, Tracey Emin, Rachel Howard, Gary Hume, Rachel Kneebone, Linder, Sarah Lucas, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Richard Patterson, Marc Quinn, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Rebecca Warren.


April 28 through June 1, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by Dallas and North Texas-area artists. Artists in the show include: Thomas Alonso, Jessica Apel, Iris Bechtol, Carley Blackman-Yonkman, Rebecca Boatman, Lizz Corea, Angelika Ejtel, Connor Frew, Beth Gardenhire, Kathleen Grandjean, Juan Hernandez, Chad Hines, Matthew Jones, Mike Mahler, Marian Maldonado-Pagán, Sonali Malik, Eric Mancini, Virginia Marsh, Juliette McCullough, Zahra Mcginnis, Michael McKenzie, Rose Marie Mercado, Marsha Moser, Naldo Plata, Sonja Quintero, Carol Riedel , Roberto Romero, Juergen Strunck, Andrea Tosten, Midori Uribe, Jonathan Victor, Alan Whiteside, Chesley Williams, and David Zelaya.This show is part of Dallas' city-wide ART214 exhibition series juried by lizabeth Mellott, Tori Phillips, Jim Burton and Arthur Peña, and curated by Christina Estrella Riggs.

Francisco Moreno: The Chapel and Accompanying Works

April 7 through June 2, 2018
An exhibition featuring a painted structure "based on the barrel-vaulted structure of the Spanish Romanesque mural paintings from the Hermitage of la Vera Cruz (Maderuelo) installed in the Prado, Madrid. Inside The Chapel, imagery is painted from a collapsed archive that draws on a range of works significant to the history and practice of painting, sculpture, architecture and other cultural producers."
Dallas  |  Erin Cluley Gallery

Bumin Kim: land·scape

May 5 through June 2, 2018
An exhibition of works by Korean artist Bumin Kim. Kim's work draws from nature, "often extracting and simplifying landscapes and organic forms into geometric color fields."
Dallas |  Ro2 Art

Kathy Robinson-Hays: traveling light

May 5 through June 2, 2018
"Through her vision of the landscape, Kathy Robinson-Hays references themes of fragility, transparency, the discarded and the forgotten. As an adoptee she sees all of us as tourists on this planet, who need to take better care of each other as well as our vacation home."
Dallas |  Ro2 Art

Ashley Whitt: Mind Loop

May 12 through June 3, 2018
"Mind Loop, a solo exhibition by Ashley Whitt, explores the inability to escape certain memories or thoughts in one’s mind. Through self-portrait and still life photographs, large wall vinyl, GIFs, and sculptural handmade books, the artist aims to interpret and make sense out of the absurd."
Dallas |  500X Gallery

Audrey Travis: Glyphs

May 12 through June 3, 2018
"Glyphs is an exhibition of photography, drawings, and sculpture from recent TCU MFA graduate Audrey Travis. This collection of works, displayed in the downstairs project space of 500X, addresses landscape, materiality and mark making."
Dallas |  500X Gallery

Ry Mccullough & Steven Foutch: Extended Play

May 12 through June 3, 2018
"Extended Play is a collaborative exhibition by Ry Mccullough and Steven Foutch. The show explores a forced intersection of working methods derived from a series of informal conversations related to printmaking, art, and music. The show explores orthodoxy and experimentation within the historical language of printmaking."
Dallas |  500X Gallery


April 11 through June 8, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by Manuel Burgener, Travis Lycar, Puppies Puppies, and Kelly Kroener. As Site 131's first resident artist Burgener worked to build "large-scaled, open constructions from found industrial materials" for the exhibition. The show will also feature large-scale paintings by Lycar and sculptures by Kroener and Puppies Puppies.
Dallas |  Site 131

Lois Dodd & Roger Winter

April 7 through June 9, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by New York-based artists Lois Dodd and Roger Winter. "Both artists have followed their own path and developed their own distinct style but share the same sensibility when it comes to realism. Lois and Roger often paint the same subjects - houses, trees, urban buildings - but their approach evolves from different origins."

to Further Seasons

April 28 through June 9, 2018
to Further Seasons is "a group exhibition of unusual images and texts about nature, curated by artist, writer and curator Lucia Simek." The show includes works by Jesse Morgan Barnett, Cassandra Emswiler Burd, Trevor Davis, Michael Dean, Erika Duque, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jen Porembski, Marjorie Schwarz, and Myron Stout, among other unknown artists.
Dallas |  The Reading Room

Christian Fagerlund: Unmade

May 12 through June 16, 2018
"Unmade consists of two recent series of oil paintings by artist Christian Fagerlund. The first is a group of back portraits. Using a relatively consistent setting, composition, and scale, these paintings collectively explore themes of self, specificity, and vulnerability. The second series represents a departure from Fagerlund’s figurative realist approach and its focus on naturalistic drawing and form. These paintings are distillations of complex visual moments—records of a specific time and location, scrupulously observed and represented as ratio, value, and color."

Mel Prest: lux

May 12 through June 16, 2018
A show of new works by artist Mel Prest. The pieces in the exhibition pay homage to and are inspired by the cities of San Francisco and Mexico City.

Danielle Kimzey: Viewfinder

May 12 through June 16, 2018
An exhibition of paintings by Dallas artist Danielle Kimzey. The artist's abstract works are inspired by the "quiet, often-overlooked moments of her daily existence."

In Her Image: Photographs by Rania Matar

December 20, 2017 through June 17, 2018
"This exhibition brings together four bodies of work by the Lebanese-American photographer Rania Matar that trace the development of female identity through portraiture. Depicting transitional moments of life, from young girlhood to middle age, Matar’s works address personal and collective identity through photographs mining female adolescence and womanhood."

FOCUS: Kamrooz Aram

March 31 through June 17, 2018
"Spanning painting, sculpture, collage, and installation, Kamrooz Aram's work investigates the complex relationship between Western modernism and classical non-Western art. By highlighting their formal connections, he reveals the typically downplayed role that non-Western art and design have had in the development of modernism and its drive toward abstraction."

Roberto Benavidez: Illuminated Piñata

April 7 through June 23, 2018
An exhibition featuring sculptures by Roberto Benavidez that are based on "creatures and characters that inhabit the illuminated texts of Medieval Psalms. Benavidez's subject matter touches upon the religious background of piñatas and their use in Latin culture."
Dallas |  Conduit Gallery

Robert Lansden: As Within, So Without

May 19 through June 23, 2018
A show of new works by Robert Lansden. The artist's work "is characterized by a resemblance to computer-generated works on paper that give the illusion of warps in the fabric of space-time."

Steven Charles: You and I are living now

May 19 through June 23, 2018
An exhibition of new works by North Texas-based artist Steven Charles. The artist's works "are electrifying multi-layered abstract compositions that obsessively shift in spatial depth and color producing dazzling optical effects. Often embedded with found material, his combined works are known for their eerily sweet palette of acrylic paint that appear to be emerging microbial colonies."

Justin Quinn: King of Cardboard

May 19 through June 23, 2018
An exhibition of new paintings by artist Justin Quinn. The pieces in King of Cardboard combine "atmospheric landscape evocative of the artist’s native snowy Minnesota with loose maze‐like geometric abstractions alive with the tension of angled lines and romantic coloration."
Dallas |  Conduit Gallery

Spencer Evans: I Am Because We Are

May 19 through June 23, 2018
A show of works by Dallas-based artist Spencer Evans. The paintings and drawings in the exhibition are directly drawn from the artist's experience of traveling to Lagos, Nigeria in 2017. The works "explore the differences between Black American and Nigerian/African identity and examine the perception‐rooted rift between Africans and Black Americans."
Dallas |  Conduit Gallery

Art Forms in Nature

May 18 through July 13, 2018
An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by students and instructors from a recent sculpture seminar and plein air painting workshop provided by The O’Keefe Studio Center.

Pedro Morales & Miguel Prypchan: Augmented Reality and The Geometric Infinity

April 27 through July 15, 2018
An exhibition featuring works by Venezuela-born artists Pedro Morales and Miguel Prypchan. About the artists: "Morales uses the aesthetics of fractals and geometric abstraction to investigate the ubiquity of mobile technology in today’s life.""Prypchan's sculptures interpret traditional landscapes under the eyes of abstractionism, light, angles, perspective, and constructivism."

The Natural World

May 5 through July 27, 2018
"The Natural World is a group exhibition featuring artworks that concentrate on nature, flora, and fauna." The show features works by June Covington, Jamie Gardner, Sarah Graham, Denise Hohulin, Divine Jones, Sandra Morante, Elisabeth Schalij, Hannah Tyler, and Ricky Dean Wyrick.
Cedar Hill |  Sly Cat Gallery

James Lumsden: Reflexion

May 19 through July 28, 2018
An exhibition of new paintings by artist James Lumsden. "Lumsden's paintings continue to investigate how raw materials innate to the medium can be turned into something poetic - an object filled with light, feeling, atmosphere, and emotion. Led by his chosen medium and a deep understanding of the subtleties and contradictions of the painted surface, Lumsden expands the possibilities of the medium through adept experimentation."

Laura Owens

March 25 through July 29, 2018
An exhibition featuring over sixty works spanning Laura Owens' 20-year career. Owens' pieces "challenge traditional assumptions about figuration and abstraction, as well as the relationships among avant-garde art, craft, pop culture, and technology."

Before iPhone: Photography by Paul Sokal

March 29 through August 11, 2018
"Paul Sokal explores the rapid pace of technological change through large format color photographs of the relics of once-revolutionary products now replaced by cell phones."
Abilene |  Grace Museum

Cut! Costume and the Cinema

May 19 through August 12, 2018
An exhibition featuring 43 costumes from 27 period films. "Covering five centuries of history, intrigue and comedy, the exhibition will reveal how film costumes set the scene and establish authenticity in films."
Arlington |  Arlington Museum of Art

A Tradition of Revolution

May 12 through August 19, 2018
"A Tradition of Revolution presents a cross-section of the Nasher Collection and sculptural innovations of the last 150 years within the context of concurrent philosophical, scientific, and societal shifts. Ranging from the beginnings of Modernism in the work of Rodin, Gauguin, and others to radical experiments of the present day, the exhibition will include works never before seen at the Nasher, including several recent acquisitions."

Sightings: Luke Fowler

May 12 through August 19, 2018
An exhibition featuring a new sound sculpture by artist Luke Fowler. "For this commission, Fowler draws on practices of focused listening and architectural acoustics to create a multi-channel sound installation. Using everyday objects and acoustic environments unique to each site, Fowler will create compositions that subtly examine the material history of the two sites and their acoustic qualities."

LONE STARS: A celebration of Texas Culture in Art

May 6 through August 26, 2018
LONE STARS: A celebration of Texas Culture in Art features works by Chelo Gonzalez Amezcua, Eddie Arning, Hector Alonzo Benvadies, Tom Burleson, Henry Ray Clark, Luster Davis, Robert Adale Davis, C.A.A. Dellschau, Vanzant Driver, Uncle Pete Drgac, Felix Fox Harris, Rev JL Hunter, Frank Jones, Richard G. Kendall, Sam Mirelez, Ike Morgan, and Rev. Johnnie Swearingen. The show was organized by the Webb Gallery along with author Jay Wehnert, in celebration of his recently published book about Texas outsider artists.
Waxahachie |  Webb Gallery

Harry Nuriev: 6 Fears

April 12 through August 28, 2018
"6 Fears is a glimpse into the varied course of the relationships between an architect and the design briefs set for him. The installation explores Harry Nuriev's design process, working methods, and philosophical approach while illuminating the emotional and artistic content of his work."
Dallas |  Dallas Contemporary

Sara Rahbar: Carry me home

April 12 through August 28, 2018
"Carry me home reflects upon the relationship between self and Other as well as the socio-political tensions present in nationalism’s relationship to violence. The exhibition brings together works that express the range of Sara Rahbar’s practice from cast sculpture to constructions of accumulated objects and textile works.
Dallas |  Dallas Contemporary

Gabriel Dawe: Plexus no. 34

August 16, 2016 through September 2, 2018
An installation by Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawe commissioned for the Amon Carter Museum of American Art's atrium. For the installation, Dawe used more than 60 miles of colored thread to create a work "highlighting the architecture of the museum’s renowned Philip Johnson-designed building."

Frederic Remington: Altered States

August 31, 2017 through September 9, 2018
An exhibition of works by Frederic Remington. The show focuses on three of Remington's paintings that were altered after their completion. The exhibition runs concurrently with the museum’s ongoing exhibition “Legacy,” depicting the clash of cultures of the 19th century American West.
Ft. Worth |  Sid Richardson Museum


September 9, 2017 through September 9, 2018
An exhibition featuring artworks from the museum's collection that depict the American West. The show includes paintings by Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell and their contemporaries, along with four bronze sculptures.
Ft. Worth |  Sid Richardson Museum

Tiny's Family Life, 2003-2005 + Photography and Social Justice

April 14 through September 30, 2018
An exhibition featuring artworks by teens, grades 7-12, in The Stewpot’s Junior and Venturing Crews. "Photography and Social Justice was developed as an educational initiative by The Stewpot’s Junior and Venturing Crews and The Museum of Street Culture. The teen's photographs, to be installed in the windows above The Stewpot parking garage, were created through the collaborative efforts of teens in the Junior and Venturing Crews, who were asked to discuss and reflect on issues and stereotypes of homelessness, ideas of home, and how photography can play a role in social justice."

Earthly Splendor: Korean Ceramics from the Collection

January 20 through November 24, 2018
An exhibition featuring Korean ceramics from the Crow Collection of Asian Art's holdings. The show pairs contemporary Korean ceramics with historical Korean ceramics, highlighting "the material, aesthetic, stylistic, and technical developments of Korean ceramics throughout history."


April 12, 2018 through May 25, 2019
An exhibition featuring works by Dallas and North Texas-area artists. Artists in the show include: Anaah Abedi, Sally Ackerman, Jesse Alarcon, Mary Banks, Laura Beard, Jessica Bell, Elizabeth Bentley, Sudeep Bhargava, Francesca Brunetti, Ciara Bryant, Brandy Butler, Du Chau, Lizz Corea, Norm Diamond, Hayley Earnest, Connor Frew, Moriah Garcia, Essie Graham, Franz Guerrero, Chunyu Han, William Holmberg, John Koch, Benjamine Lester, Jas Mardis, Paxton Maroney, Roberta Masciarelli, Freddie Meagher, Tina Medina, Jamila Mendez, Karla Mora Mora, Hannah (Bernadette) Negrete, Kevin Owens, Chancellor Page, Kaila Parrish, Elaine Pawlowicz, Paul Pena, Gregory Piazza, Guinn Powell, Gabrielle Pruitt, Fari Rahimi, Octaviano Rangel, Marty Ray, Jorge Rey, Michael Scogin, Michael Scogin, T. Stone, Vet, Sarah Wandrey, Utopia Weiner and Becky Wilkes.This show is part of Dallas' city-wide ART214 exhibition series juried by lizabeth Mellott, Tori Phillips, Jim Burton and Arthur Peña, and curated by Christina Estrella Riggs.

Sculpting Nature: Jade from the Collection

March 11, 2017 through December 31, 2021
An exhibition highlighting jade objects from the museum's collection. The pieces in the show reflect multiple aspects of Chinese culture—from archaic ritual, through the world of the scholars, to the refinements of courtly life.
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