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July 23-25, Summer Art Camp in the Stark Galleries
1-4pm (Ages 7 to 12) $50 per child.

Please register each child separately by clicking here.

Session 1 - FRAMED

Students will use a combination of tissue paper and cardboard frames to create free hanging window decoration inspired by the work of LC Tiffany.

Session 2 – MELTED

Using shrink plastic, students will learn how to create stained glass like charms for keys or jewelry. Simple techniques using sandpaper and colored pencils on plastic will help students to develop complex shading on the surface of the material, then we’ll pop them in the oven and watch them shrink!

Session 3 - FANNED

Stay cool this summer! Using ancient Chinese methods and modern materials we will learn about folding and decorating your own fan.

Session 4-Tai Chi Fan

Campers will learn the ancient Chinese martial art celebrated as a powerful movement activity and as a visual performance art form using a traditional Chinese fan. Taught by Dr. Suzanne Droleskey and sponsored by the Confucius Institute.

Session 5 – LINED

In an exercise of patience and determination, students will create a drawing using only one continuous line. We’ll then add color and text to create graphic work of art inspired by the organic forms in nature.

Session 6 – HUSKED

Corn Husk Action Figures are made using simple materials of corn husks and the corn silk for hair. The figures can measure anywhere between four and ten inches tall. Sometimes a face is drawn, or red dots are painted for cheeks.
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