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The Lark Guide to Artworld Behaviors

I’m still trying to figure out how the Hell I ended up doing this. Oh, yeah: I saw Bill Davenport’s response to Houstonia’s “The Five […]

To Hell With These Demanding “Artists”—Lil’ Marla Here Will Paint You a Pollock for a Fruit Roll-up and a Box of Juicy Juice.

Laura Lark Loves You #6: Personal Best

It’s been a while. Many people have contacted me with the same question: “Doesn’t Laura Lark love me anymore?” To this I‘ve replied: “Laura Lark […]

Thanks, Bill! You've given the phrase "All Pants Half Off!" the proper spin.

Laura Lark Loves You #3: Something About Mary

  Questions? Comments? Opinions? Send them to Laura Lark Loves You: (or leave your message below) Mary asks,  If you could describe and suggest […]

Now, doesn't this look fun? Doesn't it look like these ladies are going to drink Cosmos and get a pedicure? Doesn't it make you wanna file stuff?

Fair Thee Well

The second whoppin’ big art fair has come to a close, and oh! I have so much to say that I doubt, what with today’s […]

Fair Thee Well

The Laws of Averageness

This month’s (April 2011) Artforum features a book review by Joachim Pissaro and David Carrier on a new collection of essays edited by Alexis L. […]

The Road Less Traveled: Remarkably Well-Worn

Performance Issues

When I officially embarked upon YESQUEST 2011 (Where I’d say Yes! to everything), I just didn’t think…well, I just didn’t think. As I’ve spent the […]

Too Bad Basketball Has to Displace a Perfectly Good Spot For a Pole.

What by Whatever Works

A lot of people claim to look at the glass as half-full. What you don’t hear is crowing about the half-empty glass. But with the […]

What by Whatever Works

Let’s Talk Trash

  While I lament the lack of legitimate arthouse venues to view offerings from the second annual Houston Cinema Arts Festival, I have to admit […]

Let’s Talk Trash

Little Shops of Horrors

We all want our yearly scare in the season of Halloween. I know I do! Unfortunately, because my social life is, has been, and possibly […]

Little Shops of Horrors
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