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Some Fun with the Debates!

Images via Facebook (Thanks to Jonna Treble for photos.)

Images via Facebook (Thanks to Jonna Treble for photos.)

It seems that there was a bit of media intervention during the first and second Presidential debates. A number of viewers reported that, when they paused their televisions, they saw advertising banners for fictional candidates from movies. The online chatter settled on a TiVo hacker as the likely culprit.

“Re-Elect President Muffley—He’ll Keep the Fighting out of the War Room” refers to the President from the film Dr. Strangelove. “Tracy Flick for President: Sign up for Tomorrow Today!” refers to the character in Election. The Hunger Games is represented with “Re-Elect President Snow—He Volunteers as Tribute.” And, of course, Idiocracy gets “Camacho for President—BRAWNDO—He Knows What Plants Crave! ELECTROLYTES!”


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