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Texas Artist Tracy Hicks Dead at 68

unnamedSadness all around. Tracy Hicks, beloved Texas artist who was Dallas-based until a few years ago, died of a heart attack on Friday. He was an active and vocal member of the Texas art scene (even from his mountain home in North Carolina) up until the very end.

Here is a lovely obituary on Hicks, by Michael Granberry at the Dallas Morning News, that includes a description of Hicks’ career, his later-in-life post in the Smithsonian’s Artist Research Fellowship Program, and his longtime advocacy of responsible environmentalism.

He will be missed.





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  1. Alex Irvine

    Very sad to hear this news! Tracy’s show was upstairs at the Galveston Arts Center when Hurricane Ike rolled through. He and Clint had to de-install the show and haul all of the work down those killer stairs since there was no electricity—through the muck and mold that covered everything on the first floor after the storm. He was a real trooper! Tracy had created one work “in-situ” which was a graphite drawing on the plaster walls incorporating a teeny, tiny baby gecko corpse. As far as I know, that piece is still at GAC. RIP Tracy.

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