Have a Drink for Glasstire TONIGHT

Pieter Bruegel the Younger, Peasants Making Merry Outside the Tavern 'The Swan,' ca. 1630

Pieter Bruegel the Younger, Peasants Making Merry Outside the Tavern ‘The Swan,’ ca. 1630

Ever wonder who is running this operation–this art-dedicated, intelligent, good-looking and sophisticated 13 year-old website, Glasstire? Ever wanted to have a real-life, not-in-the-comments-section conversation with someone that runs it?

Well, now’s your chance! Join the Glasstire team of Publisher Rainey Knudson, Associate Publisher Alecia Harris, and Editor Bill Davenport, in partnership with Fresh Arts,  TONIGHT, Thursday, May 1st, for drinks and conversation, as part of Fresh Arts Cultured Conversations series, at Houston’s Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar. A portion of the proceeds from all drink sales during the 5:00PM -7:00PM happy hour will go to support Glasstire! How awesome is that—drinking as a way of raising money?! So, not to encourage insobriety or anything, but have an extra, call a stranger in from the street and buy him a few, then call your mom, your ex-wife, your barber, your manicurist, your butcher, baker and candlestick maker and cheers–we have ourselves a modern-day Bruegel painting! Make sure someone takes a selfie as evidence. . .

And as a show of our gratitude, and bait to get you there, Bill Davenport has promised to do caricatures, give free advice and take your cash money out of your out-stretched hand. Actual pig-tail pulling will, hopefully, not go down.

Tonight! 5-7 p.m. at Boheme Café and Wine Bar
307 Fairview Houston, TX 77006

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  1. Let’s have on in Dallas!

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