Green Acres: Habitable Spaces Expects First Residents This Fall

Habitable Spaces' founders Shane Heinemeier and Alison Ward. Photo by Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews of the SA Current recaps the progress being made over at Shane Heinemeier and Alison Ward’s Habitable Spaces in Guadalupe county, near Kingsbury, just off I-10 between San Antonio and Houston. The new artist residency focuses on rusticated sustainable living, using 100 acres of post oak forest and maequite as a blank canvas for a semi-permanent encampment of up to 15 visiting artists. A recent kickstarter campaign raised $15,000 to build a kitchen for the project; the idea is that future residents will construct shelters from natural materials on site, or from donated materials.

Fundraising for the project began with a series of parties in New York last October, and the first crop of residents is expected this fall, and will include Mary Mattingly, the artist behind the 2009 Waterpod project — a converted barge with a geodesic dome that housed a garden, water-collector, chickens, and four artists.

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