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Brooklyn? Artist Opens Texan Equities in LA; Something Fishy Going on Here . . .

Always on the lookout for all things Texas Art, I came across recent Yale MFA grad Jacques Louis Vidal, who is opening a new temporary gallery named Texan Equities, featuring his solo show, titled “I Have Some Very special Trunks to Share”, in Los Angeles on April 29.

It turns out there are actually some Texas connections: Vidal’s project Free Range Sculpture was shown at Austin art space Champion Contemporary earlier this year; in 2011, Vidal did a show “Wood Folks is Good Folks” at Sunday Gallery, a NY space run by ex-Texan curator turned art dealer C. Sean Horton.

Vidal’s online documentation shows how slippery internet research can be: his CV on the Champion website says he was born 1982 in Columbus, OH, but his bio for the LA project claims he was born in Paris, France. Both CV’s agree that he went to Yale and lives in Brooklyn, although the NY Arts Magazine interview about Wood Folks is Good Folks says he’s a “Chicago-based artist.” Hmmm.

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  1. Jacques Louis Vidal is actually the first artist exhibiting at Texan Equities’ new space at 1516 S. Flower Los Angeles. Jacques did not open Texan Equities. It is not a temporary gallery. We plan on keeping Texan Equities alive for as long as there is good art to show. Maybe even some bad art…… The space is curated and managed by Alan Weiner and myself.

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