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Proposed Christo Fabric Piece sparks Colorado Controversy

Over the River, (not “over the hill”) a canyon-spanning fabric awning planned to begin construction over the Arkansas River in southern Colorado has sparked protest and turmoil; project boosters see great art, economic opportunity, and tourism, rustics want to be left alone.

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  1. August

    The NYT article gives reasons other than misanthropy for opposition. To wit, shady dealings and environmental degradation. Short-term economy over long-term. The ‘rustics’ want the river left alone, or at least six miles of it not killed. Christo should wrap-up his ego and tired motif and go away.

  2. Don’t ALL of Christo’s works provoke controversy. As I recall, it took over a decade and multiple mayors before Christo got approval to do the Gates in Central Park. I showed my students the proposed piece and we all wondered how the vegetation would fare after being covered by fabric for numerous months.

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