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Not your daddy’s art crawl

The first meeting to organize Countercrawl, an alternative warehouse art event in Houston, is brewing, and it’s a potluck. Prospective countercrawlers will assemble at the Houston Foundry on Saturday May 14th at 2pm. Judging by the invitation, the organizers are, well, organized: “Bring food, preferably vegan. Drinks if you want, but let’s not let this turn into too much of a party, because we have a lot of work ahead of us, and we need to organize this thing ASAP. Bringing a planner, paper, pens, etc for note taking couldn’t hurt either. . . It’s gonna be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!1!11jnhcdsjncjnjscnncnncnwiodk 239 k!!!” A planner? What’s the Texas art world coming to?

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