Five-Minute Tours: Delita Martin at Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston

by Glasstire June 7, 2024

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Delita Martin: What the Night Knew at Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston. Dates: May 16– July 11, 2024.

Via the artist:

“The concept of Spirit World, what I refer to as the ‘Veilscape’ is one that has been embraced by African American women as a powerful tool in their journey towards self-empowerment. The Spirit World or Veilscape is an intangible reality embraced by Black women to nurture their power and potential. It consists of four main elements: duality, freedom from oppression, transformation, and connection to ancestors. Duality is the idea that there are two realms within Spirit World; one that is seen and one that is unseen. This idea has been prevalent among African Americans for centuries as a way to cope with the struggles of racism. In the face of adversity, Black women have long used this duality to create an inner strength and strength of spirit. By embracing both the seen and unseen aspects of life, Black women have found ways to deal with both physical and emotional barriers they have had to face throughout history. I have embraced this idea not only as a key part of my spiritual practice but my artistic practice as well. I believe that this duality allows the women in my work to step into their power in both realms.
“Freedom from oppression is another important aspect of the Veilscape. By embracing this part of their reality, they can free themselves from some of the oppressive systems they have faced throughout history such as racism and sexism.
Transformation is yet another important element of the Veilscape. By entering into this reality, they are able to move beyond the physical limitations imposed upon them by society and tap into their full potential as individuals and offer a different narrative beyond stereotypes. They can explore different possibilities for their lives without worrying about societal expectations or limitations placed upon them because of their race or gender identity. Furthermore, entering into the Veilscape gives Black women an opportunity for self-reflection which can lead them on a journey towards self-discovery
“Lastly, connection to ancestors, through this lens they are able to recognize their place in a larger narrative by connecting with their foremothers who also faced similar struggles.
“Through my embrace of Spirit World as part of her artistic practice It is my goal to provides insight into how Black Womanhood can be used for self-empowerment. These works reinforces the bond amongst women and how they co-exist in the physical world of nature and the spiritual realm. Through the layering of various mediums and symbols I can pull the viewer out of a logical and common world and place them within a space that offers a glimpse into sacred meetings between women in a spiritual realm. The duality of women in my work project the spirit and its connection to the physical world, which reinforces the bond amongst women and how they co- exist in the physical and spiritual realms. By embracing these elements together with creativity and imagination the women in my work are able to bring forth a powerful force within themselves that will propel them forward on their journey towards empowerment regardless of external adversities they may face throughout life.”

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