This and That: Don’t Stick Your Arm in the Sculpture

by Glasstire January 13, 2019

“This and That” is an occasional series of paired observations. -Ed.

Today: Rule No. 1

The trailer for Velvet Buzzsaw, a campy horror show about the horror show of the high-end art world, features a shiny silver sculpture in a gallery that people stick their arms into… and bad things happen. (Don’t worry, sculptors: most of the bad things in the movie come from paintings.)

Oh, these dumb, fancy art world people. It’s Horror Movie 101: you never split up from your friends, you never hide under the bed, and you never, ever stick your arm into the sculpture.



[Watch the Velvet Buzzsaw trailer to the end: after the sculpture kills Toni Collette and people photograph her corpse next to it, thinking it’s part of the art, Zawe Ashton tremulously says, “We’re trending on Instagram… it’s a major hit.” There’s just not enough popcorn in the world.]



No matter how original, innovative or crazy your idea, someone else is also working on that idea. Furthermore, they are using notation very similar to yours. – Bruce J. MacLennan


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Neil Emerson Fauerso January 15, 2019 - 11:38

Some other twisted box scenes:


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