Neo-Nazi Posters Found Plastered Around UH Campus

by Paula Newton September 19, 2017

Photo: Michael Leone via Facebook

Last week, flyers reading “Beware the International Jew,” “Imagine a Muslim-Free America” and “We Have the Right to Exist” were found throughout the main campus of the University of Houston (UH). Newsweek reports, “Stickers with images of deconstructed swastikas were strategically placed on flyers for immigrant, LGBTQ and feminist student organizations. Most of the flyers were hung in buildings and areas relating to the arts and humanities”

An online statement from the university’s chapter of the Young Communist League suspects that Vanguard America, a white nationalist group, is behind the effort, though the group does not appear to have claimed responsibility, reports The Forward.  Vanguard America has been at the forefront of white nationalist campus outreach in recent months, alongside Identity Evropa, another white nationalist group.

A UH spokesperson told The Algemeiner that the content of the flyers “is reprehensible, but we respect the constitutional right to freedom of expression.”

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