Glass Houses 18: Margaret Meehan and Noah Simblist

by Everett Taasevigen March 20, 2010
Landscape painting of a desert fire
Jessie Homer French, “Mojave Burning,” 2021, oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches.
Photo of a title wall with 2 dimensional sculptures of various shades of blue
Simeen-Farhat, "Blue in the Shape of Teal," 2019, Cast pigmented urethane resin.
Installation view of various works on paper in vitrines, on shelves, and framed on the wall
Installation view of a 13th century illuminated manuscript on right and on the left Ed Ruscha, "News, Mews, Pews, Brews, Stews and Dues," 1970. Image courtesy of the Grace Museum.
Installation view of works on paper on the wall, a shelf, and a vitrine
Installation view, Anna Mavromatis, "Hidden Figures," 2021. Image courtesy of the Grace Museum.

Margaret Meehan and Noah Simblist are possibly the two most
compassionate people I have ever met. The married couple are both
artists and recently moved from Dallas to Fort Worth where they live in a lovely bungalow that also incorporates their studio space.
Meehan’s work embraces issues dealing with medical anomalies, exploring
the qualities of what some might call freaks.  In Simblist’s work, the
artist calls attention to the intolerance and injustice of the
demolishing of Palestinian homes in the Israeli-occupied


Everett Taasevigen
is a Houston photographer.

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