Carl Gustav Horn Responds to Our Review of KARIM RASHID: Pleasurscape

by Carl Gustav Horn January 2, 2001

Ed note: the following is a response to the first article published on Glasstire, a review of Karim Rashid’s exhibition Pleasurscape by Rainey Knudson. You can also see a response by Stephen Fox here

To me, the knowledge that art already exists in the world makes me not so worried about whether my own installations are “art.” To me “interior design” is in fact a very proper term to be associated with installations, to the extent that the artistic impulse is the impulse to re-order and re-contextualize the world as given, into a world as viewed differently. The installation attempts to define a space, a sub-set of reality, to create a discrete “interior” within the unlimited scope of real experience. This interior, once defined, is then re-“design”-ed according to the concepts of the artist. But since reality is not solipistic, this redesigned subset of it might properly include spectators, and the visitors to the installation execute a performance, whether or not the artist chooses to.

As the Beastie Boys phrased it, “I got an open mind/Why don’t y’all come inside?”


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