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Galveston Arts Center

August 26 - October 8, 2017

A show of new paintings by Houston artist Christopher Cascio. The pieces in the exhibition reference both traditional quilt patterns and the artist's past works that were created using concert wristbands.

Angel Oloshove: The Ocean Never Closes

Galveston Arts Center

August 26 - October 8, 2017

A show of new ceramic totems by Houston artist Angel Oloshove. The pieces in the exhibition "reflect on the land, environment, and its constant state of flux."

Bradley Kerl: Greenhouse

Galveston Arts Center

August 26 - October 8, 2017

A show of paintings by Houston artist Bradley Kerl. Kerl's compositions are inspired by his daily experiences — his imagery includes classroom still-life arrangements, a flowerbed at the grocery store, potted plants at the doctor’s office, and more.


Burning Bones Press: Collective Pulse

A show of works by members of Houston’s Burning Bones Press printmaking studio. This exhibition is co-organized by Keelin Burrows, Curator for The Printing Museum, Houston, and...

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Abhidnya Ghuge: Changing Perspectives

A show of works by Texas-based artist Abhidnya Ghuge. In her work, Ghuge creates large-scale installations made from printed paper plates.


An exhibition of works by the Houston-based artist collective ROUX (Rabéa Ballin, Ann Johnson, Delita Martin, and Lovie Olivia). The works of the collective “navigate...

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Calder Kamin: Plastic Planet

Calder Kamin sculpts animals using colored plastic bags. In addition to her sculptures, this exhibition will have an educational component, the Neocortex Classroom, that aims to...

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Jules Buck Jones: Gardens and Graveyards

A multimedia installation by Austin-based artist Jules Buck Jones. The show will feature the artist’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures combined with backdrops and props from his Animal...

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WAKE: Wake the Zine

A show of selections from Galveston-based collective WAKE’s publication Wake the Zine. 300 copies of each issue of Wake the Zine are distributed in publicly accessible spaces, primarily...

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Steve Fisher: Galveston: Spare Beauty

A show of photographs by Steve Fisher. In his work, Fisher aims to document the “understated beauty” of Texas’ coastal landscape.

David Aylsworth: Either/And

A show of works by Houston artist David Aylsworth. The artist “is inspired by images around him, in both a mental and physical sense, and...

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Jonathan Leach: Guts and Bone

“Inspired by city and suburban landscapes, Jonathan Leach’s paintings and sculptures explore how architecture, advertising, and icons interact with one another, using line and color...

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Rena Wood: Interpreting Memory

A show of works by artist Rena Wood. The fiber works in the show aim to “reference the ephemeral nature of memory.”

Rachel Gardner: Prey

A show of works by Rachel Gardner. In this show, Gardner utilizes “sculpture and installation to explore the tenuous balance between nature and the modern...

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Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak: Discourse

A show of paintings by Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak. “Using carefully collected information related to the continued political turmoil of her ancestral homeland, Bodnar-Balahutrak collages printed text, images,...

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Mindy Veissid: Intuitive Moments

A show of works by New York photographer Mindy Veissid. For this exhibition, Veissid will present photographs of Galveston, Cuba, and Spain.

Ann Sandberg: Children in Print

From the gallery: “Sculpting life-sized figures of children, Sandburg uses newsprint to create the metaphoric skin and bones of her subjects just as children today...

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Beyond Bindings: The Book as Art

A pop-up show featuring six artists and their interpretations on what it means to make a book. Artists include: Candace Hicks, Michelle Wilson, Dorothy Yule, Susan Porteous, Bonnie O’Connell, and Jennifer...

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Marcos Hdez: Things I see Things I am

“Marcos Hdez, creates minimalist drawings and paintings utilizing tar, sand, asphalt, and drywall sheeting.  His sculptural reliefs are predominantly white and grey as if he...

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Ariane Roesch: Upwards and Onwards

An exhibition of works by Houston-based artist Ariane Roesch. The show is comprised of various ladder sculptures that integrate patterned fabrics and bright colors. The artist...

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Twenty Five: A Conclusion

The final exhibition celebrating Curator Clint Willour’s 25th anniversary with GAC.

Twenty Five: A Celebration

An exhibition celebrating Curator Clint Willour’s 25th anniversary with the Galveston Arts Center. The show features a diverse selection of prominent Texas artists that Willour has curated...

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Love, Optimized

In Love, Optimized, designer Ernesto D. Morales and sociologist Shelly Ronen have collaborated to create

Conversations at the Center

A conversation featuring Houston-based artist collective Havel Ruck Projects, with artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. The artists have been working together since 1994 to create public...

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Mari Omori: The Habit of Being II

An exhibition of works by Japanese-American artist Mari Omori. The show will include an installation created using tea bags, soap, wood, and other materials, as well as works...

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Margaret Smithers-Crump: Vital Signs

An exhibition of installations and paintings by Margaret Smithers-Crump. The works in the show were created specifically for the Galveston Arts Center.

Kenny Braun: Surf Texas

Inspired by memories and dreams from artist Kenny Braun, the exhibition features high contrast black and white photographs capturing the sport, lifestyle, and culture of surfing.

Ben Davis: A Corner of Canaan

A Corner of Canaan is a study of both contemporary and antebellum culture by Ben Davis. The show features images of living architectural remains and focuses...

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Will Michels: Brooms Up: Muggles Play Quidditch

A photography exhibition that includes a mixed-media installation complete with hoops, balls, brooms, and more. Inspired from writer J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series, Michels examines both the sport...

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