Francesca Fuchs: (Re)Collection: Paintings of Framed Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Photos

September 12 - October 12, 2013

Texas Gallery

2012 Peden Street, Houston, TX 77019 Get directions

(713) 524-1593

Francesca Fuchs takes the subject matter of her paintings from her surroundings. Early paintings depicted friends, family members, bedsheets, shower curtains and her own experience with motherhood with a unified crisp, taped edge and a palette of flattened pastels. The clean edges and flat colors have given way to loose brushstrokes and thin washes of muted colors. This dramatic but careful evolution in her mark making has continued to hinge on the depiction of the  banal details of everyday existence, allowing for a continued investigation of what it means to see and represent her surroundings. For the past three years Fuchs has made paintings of artworks in her possession including prints, drawings and photographs, This evening-out of varied subject matter, from still life to landscape to geometric abstraction, is reinforced by the salon-style hanging of the exhibition.



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