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September 18 - November 7, 2009

Unit B gallery

500 Stieren, San Antonio, TX 78210 Get directions

(312) 375-1871

"Self-Revolution brings together the work of black artists both academic and self-taught whose interest lie in questioning the roles of identity, culture and perception through the use of their bodies and experimentation.  These artists stray outside the conventional thinking of modernism, performance and visual expression from both western contemporary and contemporary black esthetics. Whereas history and experience play strong roles in all the artist’s work, the way they are conveyed can at times be perceived as shocking due to their use and restructuring of
the medium they choose to express their ideas. Presentation and attention to aspects of African and African American ritual are applied unapologetically by each artist to help better understand the conceptual nature of operating in and outside of colonial structures
while addressing the broad and complex culture of those of African decent."

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