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Suggested Topics For Your Next Art Panel Discussion


Looking for programming to sex up your next art fair or fundraiser? Try these on for size!

  1. Flailing and Hand-Wringing 101: Next Steps for Museums
  2. Defining The 21st-Century Museum: Box With Things In It Or Flashing Human Moth Attractor?
  3. Faking Interest In Artists Who Aren’t Dead: A Guide For Museum Trustees
  4. Risk Mitigation Strategies for Collecting Artists of Color: The Five Names Museums Should Buy
  5. We All Hate Art Fairs, So Why Don’t They Stop: A Frieze Talk
  6. Fending Off Repatriation Lawsuits: How To Keep The Art Your Ancestors Stole
  7. A Wealth Of Choices: Real Estate Options For Dead Galleries
  8. How Many Zeroes? Putting Yourself On The Map Through Art Prizes
  9. Curating Curators: It’s Time
  10. Conceptual Art Today: You’re No Duchamp
  11. Artists: Housecleaning and Babysitting As Social Practice
  12. Artists: How To Spot The Next Shitty Neighborhood To Destroy Through Your Willful Gentrification


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