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Glasstire’s Data Mining Project, Part IV: The Artists

In 2016, for our 15th anniversary, Glasstire delved into our archives with a data mining project. We asked professional data miner Diego Garcia-Olano to comb through our vast archive of 21,000 events and 10,000 articles (and counting), to find interesting patterns and relationships among the artists, writers, and venues of Texas.

As with the previous three infographics we’ve released (Events, Words, and Authors), our fourth data mining infographic, focusing on Artists, is interactive. The data is searchable (using the search icon on the top right), so you can search for your favorite artist and get a feel for their show trajectory thus far. You can also filter the data by city and year.

Here are some fun ways to use this data. You can see which artists showed the most:

You can also use the search function to see all the shows in our database for a given artist. This page shows all of Autumn Knight’s events that have been listed on Glasstire.

These infographics continuously draw from our database of content, so they are always updating. It’s a dense amount of content because it’s a huge database: this graphic draws from over 21,000 events in our archive as of this writing!

Screenshot of the page looking at the artist Robert Pruitt’s work.


Screenshot of the page looking at Lawndale Art Center


Screenshot of the page looking at Lubbock (all years, all venues)

The history starts in 2007 and will continue to compile. You can visit any of the artists’ Glasstire page (like Robert Pruitt, below) to see all the events that have included that artist, current or past.

Again, here’s the link to the artists.

Part I: a map of Texas with events by city and year.

Part II: all the words we’ve ever used.

Part III: our Authors.

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  1. Dave or David

    I’m really into this. Curiously, I have been listed as “Dave” and “David”, how do you combat the shortened name while searching? And…what about art collectives?

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