The Ed Wilson Interviews

by Rainey Knudson January 24, 2015

Glasstire publisher Rainey Knudson interviews the crowd at the opening of Ed Wilson: A Survey, at the Art League Houston on January 16, 2015. Wilson was awarded a $830,000 public art contract by the Houston Arts Alliance that was withdrawn in November 2014. Visitors to the Art League comment on Wilson’s work, the Houston art scene, and the ongoing controversy.



BubbaEarl January 25, 2015 - 00:45

“I would just say, stick it up your ass.”–Wayne Gilbert

Yee haw! we don’t deal in that kinda money up here, but I’ve said what Wayne does before to public art rejections/mediations before. May not be good for business, but it’s good for the soul!

coleman wood January 27, 2015 - 07:40

Ed’s show looks great and well attended. I recognized a lot of the attendees and appreciate Rainey for doing the interview almost like an exit poll. I don’t see the political buzzsaw after viewing the model of the mobile and wonder really why the holding Co. rejected Ed after granting it. Stupid is as Stupid does in this town. Not very inspiring for younger artists as shown. I give Ed a 10.

Iva K January 27, 2015 - 20:31

Art League is putting together a catalog of Ed’s Survey exhibition and they are asking for donations to fund the publishing.

Putcha money where your mouth is, Houston!

Joe Valachi January 30, 2015 - 10:18

Did they ever make any positive motion on the GRB commission? Last that we heard the short listed artists were applying, and glasstire reported on the policies released by HAA that give authority to the board and the committee. Haven’t read anywhere [chronicle, post, gazette, etc) on progress- are artists applying with the original winner, is Hou First okay with a committee full of collectors/art consultants, and we hear a couple former Enron conspirators, playing with public money?

Shaw January 30, 2015 - 11:25

Asking around, I hear that the same artists from the first call were re-invited to re-submit to the re-formed panel under the re-gurgitated HAA policies. Is that right? Have all the artists re-applied?

Isn’t there a problem with this in terms of submitting under fair and equal conditions?

HAA can’t guarantee non disclosure of concepts between the competitors. They will all know of Ed’s concept and likely have seen images of the model. If not the actual model at Art League.

Wilson is the only artists making a blind bid. Not saying any of the artists would take advantage of the situation. But given HAA’s pettiness over process during the first selection,isn’t this a rather sloppy and unprofessional way of covering up the mess they created?


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