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College Grads Like Houston and are Moving There; Yes They Still Like Austin Too

A man walks down an empty street at Houston's downtown as Hurricane Ike approaches at the gulf coast in TexasIn a study released Monday tracking the movement of recent college graduates, which is considered an incredibly valuable demographic of course (and for our purposes also a generally art-friendly one), Houston tops the list of American cities attracting them at a high rate. This is not to say Houston has more college grads, only that that’s where they’re heading these days. Austin came in at fourth place in this race, just under Nashville and Denver.

Reports the New York Times: “And as young people continue to spurn the suburbs for urban living, more of them are moving to the very heart of cities… .” This is where Dallas is doing well, with an 89% increase in the number of educated 25-34 year olds choosing to live close to downtown rather than the suburbs.

Via the Times: “Even as Americans over all have become less likely to move, young, college-educated people continue to move at a high clip — about a million cross state lines each year, and these so-called young and the restless don’t tend to settle down until their mid-30s. Where they end up provides a map of the cities that have a chance to be the economic powerhouses of the future.”

The whole report is interesting and entertaining and it looks great, too. (What is that font? I love it.) Take a look when you get a chance.



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