Urban Artfitters League of El Paso Spreads Positive Murals Through Downtown Alleys

El Paso street artists Silver IsReal and Carlo Mendo have formed a new nonprofit, the “Urban Art Fitters League of El Paso” to paint downtown alleys with uplifting murals. Begun in April, their  first project, “Make Love Not War” was a memorial to friends who died in an alcohol-related traffic accident.  Painting with the permission of building owners, the group painted  a series of murals along an alley from downtown 6th street all the way to Overland. Most recently, Fourth Street in downtown El Paso was closed as the Art-Fitters painters Eddie Marquez “Dead Boy”, Gabriel Marquez, Gno Madrid, and Tino Ortega created a snowy “winter wonderland” on the wall of Krystal Jeans at Paisano and 4th Sts. to the delight of holiday shoppers.

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2 responses to “Urban Artfitters League of El Paso Spreads Positive Murals Through Downtown Alleys”

  1. Thank you so much for including us in your publication. We appreciate the support and recognition.

  2. These guys are fakes. They know nothing about art and Carlos Mendoza aka Carlo Mendo will jump on any cause if he feels he can get ahead by it. The ‘murals;’ they made were so pisspoor that it was covered over before the xmas holiday season was over. They made it harder for actual mural and street artists in El Paso to work with property owners.

    and pathetic. but el paso doesnt know the difference between real art and whatever these clowns do.

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