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Work of Art: Nine Down, One to Go



"In the end most of us are forgotten, and I don’t want to be forgotten." So true, Jaclyn, so true.  The drive for fame, creative or otherwise, is ultimately a quest to cheat death, right? Too bad you can only take advantage of the groupies when you’re alive. And you won’t be forgotten, at least until next season of Work of Art.

Same with Nicole, who also got brushed off last night, just when the relationship between her and Miles was about to bloom…or not. I think we’re supposed to believe they wanted to hook up. Also, the contestants like to eat cereal. We’re supposed to believe that too. Oh, and don’t forget Miles wanted to use mustard gas in his piece this week. Coincidently enough, I was thinking about writing this blog entry with C4 explosive, but it didn’t work out.

All these half-assed attempts at character development might be redeemed in next week’s finale, when it looks like we’ll get to visit the homes of Peregrine, Miles and Abdi. That should be fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from Peregrine and the boys. Sarah Jessica Parker is coming back too, remember her?

One last question: When you found out the artists would be presenting multiple works for the finale, was your first thought "Just like a senior or an MFA show" or "Just like Project Runway"? You gotta figure it takes both types to make a reality program like this work.


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