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Work of Art: Nothing’s Shocking

"That’s original to have your first erection because of Walt Disney. I had my first one because of Renoir."

On last night’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, already kinda creepy auction guy Simon de Pury said those words to token dreamy guy Miles while the two looked over the contestant’s totally original (totally) mixing of sexual imagery and Disney iconography.

Renoir, eh? You don’t say… So Simon de Pury has a boner for Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I just conducted a totally scientific (totally) survey of his oeuvre, and I’ve narrowed down de Pury’s first erection to one of these four works.




In related news, I was actually a little bummed to see Nao Bustamente eliminated. She might’ve come across as a cliché performance artist, but at least that’s an archetype familiar to the contemporary art world, unlike some of the other contestants, whose work would go great with funnel cake at an outdoor festival.

Prediction: I’m thinking Peregrine is going to take it all. Why? Because her work is unique and cute and, perhaps most important, she has stayed under the radar so far. Anyone wanna make a bet?


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