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Dome preserved, in your dreams

According to another non-binding, self-selected online poll, this time sponsored Reliant Park in Houston, people want to see the Astrodome preserved, at least as a shell, rather than flattened into "green space." Results from the survey will help shape the Sports & Convention Corporation’s recommendation to Harris County Commissioners Court, which will decide the Dome’s fate. Last month, a survey by the Houston Business Journal gave similar results. Options not included in the latest survey were the cheapskate "do nothing-let it rot" and "clyclorama! cyclorama! cyclorama!!!"

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  1. Bill Davenport

    It’s simple: The Dome’s owners want it torn down. They have been trying for years. It’s big, unprofitable, and in the way of their plans. The people want it to stay, and don’t really care what it’s used for. It’s our one claim to architectural fame. A viable re-use of the structure, either commercial or taxpayer-supported, is the only way it will survive, and the rehab will be expensive. If you want your dome, you’ll have to be willing to pay for it, and say so, LOUDLY!

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