Texas art at Cowboy Stadium

Texas artists Annette Lawrence and Trenton Doyle Hancock are two of seventeen artists chosen to create a new work  for the Jones Family Dallas Cowboys Stadium Art Collection. Lawrence’s Coin Toss spans a forty-five foot entrance lobby from wall to wall with a twist of steel cables. Hancock’s From a Legend to a Choir is a 40 x 100 foot mural populated by half-plant half-human mounds.

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2 responses to “Texas art at Cowboy Stadium”

  1. I have a better idea. Someone ought to convince Jerry swallow a plugged nickel connected to a length of dental floss at least a stadium’s length long. And when he passes it , if he can manage that, drag his sorry ass across the field at halftime. I’d pay to see that!

  2. that should be , ‘to swallow…’
    And on second thought, no, I wouldn’t even pay to see that.

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