Celebrating Halloween with 15 Macabre Artists

It’s time for Halloween, and do we even have to finish this introductory paragraph? You know what’s coming. Let’s get to it.

Sharon Kopriva 
In the pictured work from this Houstonian, we have a pope in a wheelchair with a…what the hell is that thing in his lap?

Luz Perez  
According to his artist statement, this San Antonian tries to “demonstrate undaunted expression much like that demonstrated in the art of children.” Really creepy children, we presume.

Give Up 
The Houstonian behind the Give Up street campaign clearly is someone with a plan to spread a message of positivity. Oh wait, sorry. We meant to say the exact opposite thing there…

Lisa Marie Godfrey  
We’re not sure if this Houston artist minds the term “lowbrow,” but we sure don’t, and we think her stuff is a great example of it.

Speaking of lowbrow, this artist’s work first appeared on the Houston streets in ghostlike shapes and became more cartoonish over time. The frequent presence of vomit or saliva seems to be a constant.

Patrick Medrano 
Somebody call Focus on the Family. We definitely get a devil-worshipping vibe from some of this Houston-based artist’s work.

Katy Anderson
You can’t mention Medrano without including his collaborative partner, and when the two get together, as they did in the pictured work, you get weirdness.

Heather Gorham  
The work of this Dallasite often has a layer of whimsy atop a dark undercoat.

Tom Sale 
Wanna make something look creepy? Age it. That seems to be this Dallas artist’s trick, and it’s a good one.

Wayne Gilbert 
If the medium is the message, this Houston-based artist’s message is cremated human ashes.

Celia Eberle 
Quit staring at us, bird. We know we’re going to die, and we don’t need this bone carving from Houston-based Eberle to remind us.

We prefer this Austin-based artist’s posters once they’ve aged and curled a bit.

Alex de Leon  
Why yes, that is a ceramic bowl covered in guns and shells by San Antonio artist de Leon. Nice of you to notice.

Dario Robleto 
This San Antonio artist is obsessed with all things death. We’re talking bone dust, smallpox blankets, corpse hair, amputee Civil War soldiers. We’re talking death.
This list was compiled in large part from suggestions made by our Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Y’all are a bunch of macabre mofos, and we thank you.

also by Roy Neinast

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