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This evening, Tuesday, Oct 20,  at 7 pm, Houston’s Menil collection is hosting a panel discussion on Menil curator Kristina Van Dyke’s  Body In Fragments show, currently on view. She will be joined by Rice U art historian Marcia Brennan, UH art historian Rex Koontz, and Dan Price, Research Assistant Professor in the University of Houston Honors College. In related news,  Van Dyke, along with MFAH curator Alison de Lima Greene, was chosen for one of 12 fellowships at the 2010 Center for Curatorial Leadership.

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  1. Art Whore

    Can you set us up with some kind of criteria for your reviews of these galleries, shows, and exhibits? What makes you an authority?

  2. bruce

    We (all of us need) fucking editors.
    Some of us can’t help our stinking IQ’s, or education or our parents.
    We try anyway.
    Art Whore , will you actually go first and grace us with your fucking criteria?

  3. Art Whore

    It is a question that is all. In my opinion, if someone, anyone is going to go around voicing their opinions and expect any sort of credibility for their reviews, then they should at least state their criteria of review as bases for their opinion.
    Even though I did not ask you the question, I will grace you with my criteria. I look at art with an open mind and do not judge work as good or bad because someone is a core fellow or that the artists studied under a particular artist, photographer, or whatever. There seems to be a little brown nosing going on here and I, based on what I have seen so far, do not like this place. You Bruce seem to be a real snot based on your reply to my simple question.
    I am sure there are very nice people who visit this blog and to them I say, “Art in this town is fantastic and something we can be proud of, happy viewing.” To you Bruce I say,”FUCK OFF.”
    Good by all.

  4. Asshole

    The credibility should come from the insight provided by the critique. No insight no credibility. All attitude no credibility. All status loads of credibility.

  5. bruce

    Yes, I’m a real snot and I’d say lots of things right back to you if I thought for a minute you’d have an actual feeling or could understand it once you had it. I’ve made a living here for the past 18 years, on my art, not teaching or writing or drug dealing or alternate occupations.
    I could have had better livings in any number of things , or husbands, but I picked this one. I don’t have a brown nose and I wasn’t a core fellow, although I’ve known a few. Rainey chose to pay this person (I hope) for her views and that in the very least is a reason for reading and considering the writing. Fuck you too compadrae …in the very nicest of ways or positions.

  6. _Kt

    And when someone follows a link about ‘every friggin gallery’ in Houston to here…and finds this conversation in the comments? Bleh. Keep shooing the good artists off to NY and LA!
    We MUST be rednecks in Texas and the art MUST be awful because we can’t even write/talk about it like civil children would. I’m not saying disagreeing is bad. In fact, I would say people can learn the most from good arguments, but name calling and insult slinging gets us no place. Which is sad, because I like to learn from what I read. Someone says that criteria or authority is needed to review art?? Let’s talk about THAT!! I mean, geez…what an open door to a topic that can lead SOMEWHERE instead of the nowhere that the comments section now lies. Come on kids, and use your self-control, ’cause I’m tired of artists and art getting a bad rep. No more whining. Help move things forward, not back. You’re making it hard on the rest of us who keep our fighting words in our pockets, or more appropriately, in our work.

  7. Beth Secor

    To Whom It May Concern,

    In my initial “Every Friggin’ Gallery in the Whole Damn Town” I stated that these were not intended to be reviews. If you read the H Gallery blog over again, you will get that I like the place. I like that it exist. I think places like it are important. I pointed out artists whose work I liked.

    But, just so this is clear- these aren’t reviews, and I quote.

    I don’t want anyone to have any false expectations – these aren’t going to be full on reviews and I am not going to give you the entire history of the space, I might even get the name and address wrong, and if a place is too far away, I’ll just make up shit about it.

  8. bonehead

    I love reading anything Beth Secor writes on glasstire. Please give her a raise. And now that her writing has iinspired someone who named themselves “art whore” to get their feelings hurt by someone named “bruce,” I love it even more.

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