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From Oil Rig to Eco-Resort

You don’t wanna mess with Houston when it comes to the oil industry (we’re looking at you, Dubai), and the locals boys and girls at Morris Architects have helped drive that home by taking first place in the Radical Innovation in Hospitality design competition with the Oil Rig Platform Resort and Spa.

The winning plans call for taking one of those lovely structures dotting our coastline and transforming it into a posh eco-resort.



How would black gold go green? (And is that a hack sentence or what?)

First off, the facility would use all that offshore wind to power turbines. There be waves (and dragons) out there too, which would help power more turbines and create more electricity. The constant temperature at lower sea levels could help cool the place.  And don’t forget about that really bright thing in the sky called the sun.

The resort promises over 300 guest rooms and luxury suites; a world-class (is there any other?) conference facility; a grand ballroom for weddings; a state-of-the-art (again, is there any other?) fitness center and spa; a catch-it-and-grill-it gourmet dining experience; a helipad (natch); a gaming casino; a pool and poolside bar; a diving bell (no butterfly, sorry); and a scuba shop.

Oh, and according to the picture, it also promises acrobatic skiers, which are really cool, if you’re into that whole Catskills vibe.

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