Wayne! Wayne! Can I have your autograph! You’re responsible for promoting some of the greatest young artists in Houston, how do you feel about your efforts galvanizing the entire community to support arts funding? Now, we all know you’re just a patsy for City Controller Annise Parker, angling her efforts for a mayoral run in 2010, but has your conscience been bolstered by the great free publicity you have offered to us all? I know I want my 15 seconds of content shoved through the meat grinder of your soul repeatedly as you fuck the ground bits of meat from human flesh with your dirty, dirty mind.


Wayne’s new obsession- Dr. Pepper, Performance Art Lab, 2008

Why you gotta be a hater WD-400? Why not mention that you stole your content for Monday’s expose from b.s. houston artblog? Can I get a reacharound here? I mean, not only have you stolen from me, but you also stole from the great kids at the performance art lab, who are happy to be funded by no one but themselves. I’m glad you read my blog, really. Thievery is the most obscene backhanded compliment, and your outrage at obscenity only makes it all the more juicy, roly-poly reporter man.

That’s b.s. to you, fat man, don’t forget it. After all, I am the only difference between Obama and Osama, bitch.



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  1. tobrienwriter

    that My Tamalpais (where the statue was found) is a sacred pilgrimage site for native people as far away as Central Mexico’s Huichol? Interesting story…

  2. Trungpa Ricochet

    Leave it to those people in Marin to solve the mysteries of mankind. How do they do it?


    Friends in New Mexico who share a love of Marin County reminded me of something Leonard Cohen said:”There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

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