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  Laws of conventional warfare dictate that you never get involved in a land war in Asia, and HAA is going on the offensive. The messy PR battlefield over the Houston Arts Alliance is about to become much larger in two divergent ways. Today’s Sunday Chronicle comes with an Op Ed article by Robert Lynch and Jonathan Glus "Investment in art pays off for the Houston economy". Usually, that would be a good idea. Take the bull by the horns and answer your critics. But that’s when an op-ed is read on paper. Now the heads of HAA and Americans for the Arts have left their opinions open to th community on chron.com- and for anyone who hangs out there it’s not a very friendly place. Want the pulse of the the man on the street in Houston? Read some of the hundreds of comments on "Election Spurs Hundres of race threats, crimes" or "Thousands in US illegally released in Houston". How will their championing of arts be recieved when the knee-jark reaction is a bronx cheer? btw y’all, Houston is not an "arts mecca". Straight up- people go to Mecca for a reason. If Houston is mecca-ish in the slightest it is a "jobs mecca" with an arts problem. 


The next shoe will drop when panel discussion Insiders’ Perspectives on Contemporary Art: Discerning between Trends and Timelessness hops on stage at the Museum of Fine Arts Tuesday at 7 pm. MFAH director Peter Marzio’s salary and bonuses were discussed by channel 13 reporter Wayne Dolcefino, and HAA’s Jonathan Glus will be moderating the event. Will aesthetics or politics rule the day?  


Keith Plocek and Bleach

 HAA funded Keith Plocek art project and Bleach


Keith Plocek



Keith Plocek

 Houston, is it worth it?

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