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The Kimbell Art Museum will unveil its Renzo Piano addition in a press-fest on Tuesday, November 18.

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  1. theremin

    “They’re going to reinstall the collection looking at some of the founders’ personal stories behind the collection, and they’ll have a panel with some of the artists and people who knew Ray Nasher (and who still know his wife Patsy). “
    Patsy Nasher died in 1988.

  2. _scott

    your take on the classics is, uhhh… interesting. you just don’t hear “renoir sucks” that much in reviews these days.

  3. Rainey

    You talking to me? No, no: I *want* to hate Monet, maybe in the same jealous, petty way that I want to hate Sofia Coppola because she’s so gamine and chic and everyone thinks she’s cool even though her movies are boring…I want to hate Monet because surely all those aforementioned coffee mugs and tote bags can’t be right. But he’s so good. So, so good. So my desire for hatred is thwarted and I just stand in awe.

    Maybe that didn’t translate.

  4. _scott

    nah, was responding to david O’s thoughtful analysis. he’s complained to me about monet in the past. apologies for turning your blog into a call and response.

    i think awe is an appropriate reaction when confronted with a monet in the flesh. totebags be damned!

  5. Asshole

    Rainey do you mean you want to hate Sofia Coppola or you do hate Sofia Coppola? I mean I totally agree with you, couldn’t deal with that Japanese thing she did at all. There is a slice of skin that never sees the prison, isn’t that the story of Krishna or something like that? Have you tried Sofia’s bottled wine? Is the ‘path’ to understanding kindled with fluorescent tubing? I haven’t even seen Marie Antoinette because of that, the aforementioned skill level. It did translate.

  6. Rainey

    The Marie Antoinette film, which I found not only boring but frankly repugnant, was really what set me off. I find Coppola’s touch to be so light as to be utterly without content — there’s nothing there to hold on to, and I have never cared about a single character in one of her films. As for Lost in Translation, a friend of mine who is a manga editor for Dark Horse Comics put it best: if these people can’t be happy at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, they don’t deserve to live.

    I *do* envy her personal style, however.

    Love the canned champagne, too.

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