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Have Nuts? Have a Political Party

They’re All Beyond the Pale


Both candidates on both major party tickets are Irish. No, they’re not drunks or policemen, but descendents of an exodus from the "first English colony" that has flowed into America since before its founding. This is the first time that has happened in this country, I don’t even need to look it up. The great breakthrough for race and politics that an Obama victory could represent echoes the breakthroughs of Jack Kennedy, the first non-Britsh American President. 

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  1. Pat

    Bill-maybe you could lease the Finesilver space for one of your installations much like you paid Inman for the Forever Rafter show at their space.

  2. another tired cowboy

    Rainey hates the word ‘snarky, titus. Don’t you pay attention? What do you think Kara Walker would think of the new cover of New Yorker? One of the best responses yet is that the far far, knuckle dragging right, will think it is a photograph!

  3. Pat

    Where are the comments about the possibilities of an artist paying a gallery for shows (i.e.Bill paying for Forever Rafter to be exhibited)? They are commercial galleries after all, and he is obviously not ashamed of doing so nor the doors it has opened for him since. It is certainly one approach, maybe even a common one? I hope this discussion was not purposefully deleted. Keeping it real, Pat.

  4. Bill Davenport

    Re: those traveling on glass tires . . .
    Forever Rafter was hosted by Inman Gallery as part of their regular exhibition program. It was my fifth solo show with them, and they represent my work on an ongoing basis. There was no gallery rental involved. Inman provided the gallery, I provided the work, as always.

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