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AG sez:


Last week someone took a couch from Avant Garden.

The stolen couch looks just like the one in the photo below, except the fur is all brown.

I will pay the kind heart who brings it back $800 recompense.

This couch was hand made just for me as an anniversary gift.

It has a lot of emotional value.

(more than monetary value)
Do the right thing, bring the furry couch back home!


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  1. Jey

    I am not sure how anyone could be interested in looking at, or appreciating her work. No real offense to Miss Green but digital “paintings” are always so sterile and generic in the a truly negative respect. I understand digital media as tools that contribute to the whole but I don’t know that I will ever understand them as tools that define the whole.

  2. Pat

    Another artist with a similar name, Sarah Greene Reed, creates photo-shop collages that are exhibited around Houston. The same comments apply.

  3. Jey

    Pat: I checked out Sarah Greene Reed and knowing her work is digitally produced really leaves a lot to be desired. I also think the subject matter is pretty “collage” typical which disinterests me even further. She should look at Alexis Mckenzie or Paul Ulrich and stop trying to be Kurt Schwitters-esque with a mouse and Wacom.

  4. titus_obrien

    If I hadn’t seen them in person, I might feel the same way. They are quite rich “live”. And knowing that she doesn’t just photoshop some pictures with filters, I respect her process more. Digital shmigital – I don’t care. She makes good choices within her given framework. It’s not heavy conceptual art – it’s light, fluffy, and sometimes I find, delicious.
    She’s managing to live in FW and do her thing, so good on her…among what else goes on, she’s alright in my book.

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