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You and I have never seen democracy all we have seen is hypocrisy. We don’t see any American dream we have experienced only, the American nightmare. –El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X)


He who is reluctant to recognize me opposes me –Frantz Fanon




Things IKE taught me…




Coffee, frozen pizza and even rice can be grilled on a BBQ grill.



Hot pockets taste pretty good deep fried on the outdoor cooker!



My car gets 33.21675 miles per gallon, EXACTLY (you can ask the people
in line who helped me push it).



He who has the biggest generator wins.



A new method of non-lethal torture- showers without hot water.



There are a lot more stars in the sky than most people thought.



TV is an addiction and the withdrawal symptoms are painful.



A 7lb bag of ice will chill 6-12 oz Budweiser’s to a drinkable
temperature in 11 minutes, and still keep a 14 lb. turkey frozen for 8
more hours.



There are a lot of dang trees around here.



Flood plain drawings on some mortgage documents were seriously wrong..



People will get into a line that has already formed without having any
idea what the line is for.



Cell phones work when land lines are down, but only as long as the
battery remains charged.



Hampers were not made to contain such a volume.


If my store sold only ice, chainsaws, gas and generators – I’d be rich.



Waterfront property can quickly become someone else’s fishing hole.



Tree service companies are under-appreciated.



I learned what happens when you make fun of another states’ blackout.



MATH 101: 30 days in month, minus 6 days without power equals 30% higher
electric bill ?????



Drywall is a compound word, take away the ‘dry’ part and it’s worthless.



I can walk a lot farther than I thought.



It is a great time to teach the children the fine art of gambling (penny
ante poker) card playing.



You can never have too many gas cans!



If you fill the bathtubs with water, the water will not go off.



Neighbors are much more sociable when they are sharing a generator.



Two day-old grilled chicken taste better than you ‘d think.



Just because it is dark and you are in the privacy of your bedroom
doesn’t mean we can’t hear what you are doing in there because our
windows are open too.



What looks acceptable by candlelight in your bathroom will scare you
when you look at yourself in the mirror at the office.



Peanut butter and jelly is a perfectly acceptable meal for breakfast,
lunch and dinner in the same day.



Don’t shun those who use Tylenol PM or Advil PM to get through 11-hour



That neighbor who knows how to use a chainsaw is your new best friend.
Ice is a form of currency.



Coming home from work with a pizza and a charged-up laptop so the kids
can watch a DVD makes you a hero.



The storm treasures your kids are finding really belong to your



Baseball caps go with any post-hurricane ensemble.



You can’t train yourself not to flip on light switches when entering a



It’s easier to ignore a dirty floor when you can’t see it.



A new opening phrase when seeing someone: "Got lights yet?"



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