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The list is here! Texas Biennialists 2009


I got the list of artists selected for the Texas Biennial Group
exhibition, and from what I understand, a couple of the four artists selected for
individual shows will also come from this list, pending some further
studio visits, etc. So without further ado, here is the list:

Christie Blizard (Lubbock)

Justin Boyd (San Antonio)

Leigh Brodie (Austin)

Susan Budge (San Antonio)

Marc Burckhardt (Austin)

Jeanne Cassanova (Houston)

Susan Cheal (Denton)

Catherine Colangelo (Houston)

Beau Comeaux (Dallas)

Andy Coolquitt (Austin)

Paula Cox (San Antonio)
Adrienne Cullins (Volente)

Celia Eberle (Ennis)

Heyd Fontenot (Austin)

Angela Fox (San Antonio)

Kana Harada (Dallas)

Jeannette Hernandez (San Antonio)
Juan Hernandez (Dallas)

Simeen Ishaque (Dallas)

Jules Buck Jones (Austin)

Kathyrn Kelley (Houston)

Natalie Kleinecke (San Marcos)

Helen Kwiatkowski (Belton)

Ryan Lauderdale (Austin)

Jane Lawrence (San Antonio)

Peter Leighton (Austin)

Anne Longo (Lubbock)

Ivan Lozano (Austin)

Christa Mares (Austin)
Mona Marshall (Austin)
Tom Matthews (Lubbock?)

Carolyn McAdams (Valley View)

Mary Morse (Austin)

John Mulvany
Olga Nicalaevna Porter (Houston)

Katy O’Connor (Austin)

Dawn Okoro (Houston)

Kim Cadmus Owens (Dallas)

Harmony Padgett (Arlington)

Jamie Panzer (Austin)

Justin Parr (San Antonio)

Katie Pell (San Antonio)

Gladys Poorte (Austin)

Anila Quayyum Agha (Houston)

William Rosshirt (Austin)

Winter Rusiloski (Ft. Worth)

Cody Scrogum (Austin)

Charlotte Smith (Dallas)

Morgan Sorne ( Austin)
Keith Allyn Spencer (El Paso)

John Spriggins (Dallas)

Mary Stengel (Austin)

Raychael Stine (Dallas)

Barry Stone (Austin)

John Swanger (Austin)

James Talbot (Austin)

Terri Thomas (Austin)

Raymond Uhlir (Austin)

Paul Valadez (Edinburg)
Kelli Vance (Houston)

Marilyn Waligore (Richardson)
Jade Walker (Austin)

Vivian Wolfe (Austin)
[Edits: thanks to S. Castillo for the extra info!]

And let’s not forget the list of awarded artists for temporary outdoor projects, released a while ago:

Ryah Christensen

Bill Davenport (Houston)
Sasha Dela (Houston)
Buster Graybill (Huntsville)

Ken Little (San Antonio)

Colin McIntyre (Austin)

Jill Pangallo (Austin)

Bringing the number of artists participating in the 2009 Texas Biennial to a whopping 70!

(Feel free to
contribute some links or location for artists I can’t find much on!)

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2 Responses

  1. salvo cheque

    I’m at home now with the 09 Biennial list in front of me. I picked it up at the announcement.

    Leigh Brodie – Austin
    Adrienne Cullins – Volente
    Celia Eberle – Ennis
    Angela Fox – San Antonio
    Kana Harada – Dallas
    Jeannette Hernandez – San Antonio
    Juan Hernandez – Dallas
    Natalie Kleinecke – San Marcos
    Jane Lawrence – San Antonio
    Peter (not Paula) Leighton – Austin
    Anne Longo – Lubbock
    Mona Marshall – Austin
    Tom Matthews – Edinburg
    Carolyn McAdams – Valley View
    Mary Morse – Austin
    Olga Nicalaevna Porter – Houston
    Dawn Okoro – (listed as) Austin (but I’m pretty sure she’s in Houston right now)
    Kim Cadmus Owens – Dallas
    Harmony Padgett – Arlington
    Charlotte Smith – Dallas
    John Spriggins – Dallas
    Mary Stengel – Austin
    John Swanger – Austin
    James Talbot – Austin
    Paul Valadez – Edinburg (not Edinburgh, thats in Scotland)
    Marilyn Waligore – Richardson
    Vivian Wolfe – Austin

    You may want to think about separating DFW in your pie chart to better reflect the individual cities within the Metroplex.

    Next, I’ll teach you how to Google. hahaha!
    : ]

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