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Here's my list as of today, with some comments:

Bill Davenport (go figure)
Francesca Fuchs (ditto)
Katrina Moorhead

Brad Tucker
(on provisional status: he moved to Austin)
Susie Rosmarin (back from NY at last!)
Carl Suddath
Rachel Hecker
Aaron Parazette
Amy Blakemore
Dario Robleto
Art Guys

Michael McKean
(provisional status: moved to Richmond, VA)
David Aylsworth
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Bernard Brunon
Mark Flood

Jason Villegas
(off at grad school, I think)
Forrest Prince
Sharon Engelstein
Robyn O'Neil (off in the suburbs somewhere, Kingwood, I remember)
Jesse Lott
Joe Mancuso
Marco Villegas
Paul Horn (Tomball is close enough)
William Betts
Aimee Jones

To be on my list, an artist has to live, work, or visit Houston enough to be part of the scene. My assessments are based on art I've actually seen, not secondhand reports, resumes, reviews or sales figures, and are of necessity incomplete. Email all complaints, comments and corrections to borabora@wt.net, or just get in my face the next time you see me.

I'll update and repost my new list next summer, when there's nothing else to write about, so get out there and show me something!

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2 Responses

  1. The Art Guys

    Hey! What the…? First off, we’re technically number 10, as what’s his name is no longer in Houston. You either is or you isn’t. And you can’t be serious about Robleto. We’re behind Robleto? No fucking way, dude. No fucking way. How the fuck is he a part of this scene? That pushes us up to nine. At least we’re ahead of that Flood kid. Way ahead. Won’t ever have to worry about falling behind him, the loser. Oh, so now we see. You have to paint to be good. Or snap pictures. Big deal. All you need is one fucking finger for that. And that Rosmarin needs to show us some cancelled checks for rent or she’s out too. Can we send you our resume? How about some press clips?

    By the way, “T” is for Texas, and “T” is for The Art Guys. It’s The Art Guys. We’re not “Any Art Guys” or “Some Art Guys.” We’re The Art Guys.


    P.S. Tomball is Tomball. Houston is Houston. Who cares anyway? He’s at the bottom.


  2. b.s.

    got something to say? just gonna list people? at least put it into sentences.

    oh yeah, don’t put you own name at the top. if you do that people know the rest of the list is just a pattern of social interaction with you going from your wife to the girl who dropped off the face of houston after the CSAW debacle last year.

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