Don’t be shy: Glasstire is looking for writers!

by Christina Rees April 22, 2015



Glasstire is looking for arts writers in Texas! Any level of experience or geographic location is welcome.

To apply, please submit one UNEDITED piece of your writing from the past two months that has not been published elsewhere. Examples include reviews, artist profiles, essays or anything pertaining to visual art.

Published contributors to Glasstire are paid.

Please send your writing along with a brief description of who you are to [email protected].




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Cabe Booth April 22, 2015 - 18:17

I haven’t really written anything about my own art let alone others. My concerns are mainly with how artists are treated or allow themselves to be treated. The absolute ridiculous behavior of clients and pretty much anyone who interacts with an artist. The implied stereotypes, the implied expectations, the lack of leverage in situations that are created by or implied as a rule by both established expectations in the world of art and furtherance of self-defeating behavior or acceptance by artists themselves.

I have a lot to say about how artists are treated. Not just because of my own situation but other artists have accepted this so blissfully and wonder why everyone is struggling. I remember when I couldn’t afford to enter my art into art shows or submit to galleries or contests because between the entry fee and the price of slide film and development, given my income and talent level back then it was a huge risk just to put a stamp on such an envelope. Nowadays with websites and the ability to print large images, a lot of the slide film type of requirements have gone away but the horror stories of being a artist, a full time artist, could fill the Albert Hall. and not all of them are without humor. that insane laughter that you get after you realize you’re getting fucked in a bizarre world of double standards and willful ignorance.

Then you go read articles that talk about what’s wrong with the art world that don’t talk about artists or artwork. And it interests me when I see awards handed out for artistic acheivement or in the arts with very few artists on the list of winners. It will usually be people who organize events or run galleries or all that stuff that really isn’t about being an artist. it’s very supportive of the arts it’s very important to the art but we quibble over terms and job descriptions. Artists create art. Gallerists Run galleries. Art critics are journalists that write about art. But somewhere down the line because these people are involved in the selection of art … curating of art….. they became equated with the quality of the art to the point they are almost treated like they created it. I’m not saying in any way that people who run a solid respected gallery or donate their time or money to create wonderful events (for charity or for profit) are not worthy of awards and accolades and articles. Same should be said about art writers, patrons, collectors, editors you name it there’s plenty of space for praise to go around but it is so amazing to me that the product is being sold is treated with such annoyance. oh yeah that’s right I’m sorry it was created by this fucking guy over here. He doesn’t dress very well cuz he’s broke and works in a field that usually involves getting your hands and clothes dirty.. Then also, his etiquette is a little off because he’s an expressive human being and somewhat eccentric … those same qualities that make he/her creative…..yet I know, we really really really don’t need the Marx Brothers showing up at our event …so it’s just look at the art shall we? Artists can be so embarrassing.

Que? April 22, 2015 - 21:58

Ha, Bill maybe I’ll take ya up on it, y’all seem to be in need.


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